Precious Stone: Style Crushin’ (And Girl Crushin’) On Emma Stone

Emma Stone is as rare as they come.

It’s been years since she shot to it-girl stardom as America’s new fave redhead, after making us wonder whether Jonah Hill’s Seth deserved such a cool girl in Superbad and then taking a turn as the fearless lead in Easy A, for which she earned a Golden Globe Best Actress nom. But the twenty-five-year-old Arizona native is still it, as smart, funny, and lovable as ever (maybe even more so now that she’s one-half of the cutest couple in the world), not to mention gorgeous, with a Revlon contract and what seems to be a never-ending parade of high-fashion hits.

She’s currently starring in what will inevitably become one of this year’s biggest blockbusters, the second installment of the Amazing Spider-Man series in which she plays blondie Gwen Stacy. With her ever-changing hair color (she’s a natural blonde by the way) we can no longer call her our favorite redhead, but we thought we’d pay tribute to her red “roots” with a collage of some of her best red carpet looks. (Disclaimer: Some of those carpets weren’t really red either.)

Emma Stone

More amazing than the Amazing what’s-his-name, right? It’s official. The girl can pull off anything, clothes or hair. And here are some more reasons why Emma Stone is made of awesome…

1. She’s computer-literate – At fourteen, Emma famously convinced her parents to let her pursue her dream by inviting them to her bedroom for a PowerPoint presentation entitled “Project Hollywood 2004.” Mom and Dad couldn’t say no to the movie popcorn and Madonna track in the background, and ten years later, we couldn’t be happier.

2. She’s literate-literate – Emma may have been home-schooled for much of her scholastic career, but that didn’t dampen her love of language. As she puts it, she’s “hardcore about grammar” and spelling too (she was a spelling bee kid), which is refreshing to hear when most of this generation is more concerned with how to shoot the perfect selfie.


3. She does good deeds – Like the time she and boyfriend Andrew Garfield noticed lurking paparazzi and decided to use the media coverage to turn the spotlight on some worthy organizations. (In case you’re wondering, that’s the Worldwide Orphans Foundation and Gilda’s Club in New York, which provides free support to those living with cancer.)

4. She’s got a unique voice (literally) – We find Emma’s trademark raspiness pretty darn endearing, but she wasn’t born that way. Close, though. She had colic as a baby, which caused her to scream and cry and develop nodules that became calluses on her vocal cords. Even though this means that today she loses her voice more easily than the average person, those nodes also gave her her signature smoky sound.

5. She’s got a unique voice (not so literally) – Emma epitomizes girl power. She once answered a question about what kind of makeup guys like on girls with a nonchalant “I could care less.” But what she does care about is how women feel about themselves. And in response to girls’ growing issues with self esteem and body image, she said, “My great hope for us as young women is to start being kinder to ourselves so that we can be kinder to each other.” It’s hard not to give her a “You go, girl” for that.


6. She’s a fan of other women – So it comes as no surprise that Emma isn’t shy about expressing her admiration of other women and isn’t too proud to have those starstruck, geeking out moments that we so-called normal people might have getting to interact with someone we idolize or wishing we could be a certain starlet for one night. That’s her above freaking out during a FaceTime session with Mel C (her Spice Girls obsession is well-documented. She can forge each Girl’s signature!) and below working a dress a la Lupita Nyong’o.

emma-stone-lupita-nyongo-1     emma-stone-lupita-nyongo-2

7. She’s a “prude” – In an industry where young starlets are over-sexualized and it’s completely not shocking for one to hump a foam finger / pen a list of sexual conquests / leak a sex tape, Emma’s relative conservatism is a breath of fresh air, not to mention totally adorable. So it’s okay, Emma, that you have more Nevers than Haves or that lyrics from a Jamie Foxx song can be entirely too racy to comprehend. ‘Cause some of us are right there with you!


tumblr_n3xc4wo5mv1qf1b7uo3_250     tumblr_n3xc4wo5mv1qf1b7uo8_r1_250

8. But she’ll take you down – By now it should be pretty clear that Emma can hold her own against anyone at anything. This past weekend she stole the show during Andrew Garfield’s Saturday Night Live monologue. But a few days before that she not only beat Jimmy Fallon but anyone who has ever lip-synced anything since the beginning of time with the most epic (we hate that word, but it really was) un-mic-ed performance ever recorded. It’s got sixteen million views and counting; we’ll probably add a few more. ‘Cause if anyone deserves to be watched, it’s Emma Stone.

Emma Stone

Check out the gallery below for more of Emma’s funny faces, fab hairstyles, and fresh looks…

All photos courtesy of Google and Tumblr

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98700-rust-26   tribal-ribbon-maxi-dress-2 striped-cut-out-maxi-dress-40 seeing-double-zippers-maxi-skirt-2

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