The Purr-fect Canvas: How To DIY Kitty Graffiti Sneaks!


The classic canvas sneaker has been around forever, and everyone has a pair – from the hippest hipster to the grandest grandma. They’re cool, comfortable, and cost-efficient, not to mention the perfect canvas (pun totally intended) for some creative artistic maneuvering. When we got our hands on these clean white tennies, we couldn’t wait to dirty them up with some DIY doodling, and this time cute little kitty cats were our inspiration. What we ended up with was a pair of gorgeously graphic graffiti sneaks, and we’re not kitty kidding when we say that you can do it too. So put on your coloring caps and get ready to say me-ow, ’cause we’re here to show you how…


DIY Sneaks


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HOW TO: DIY KITTY GRAFFITI SNEAKS – What You’ll Need: 1. Canvas sneakers 2. Cat silhouettes 3. Pen or pencil 4. Permanent markers 5. Scissors (optional) 6. Tape (optional) – What You’ll Do: 1. Sketch silhouettes onto sneakers with pen or pencil, making sure spacing is even. *Optional: Less artistically inclined? Simply cut out silhouettes, tape to shoe, and trace! 2. Color in silhouettes with permanent marker. *Note: Bleeding will occur. For a crisper look, press more lightly. For a loose, hand-crafted, graffiti-like look, press more heavily. 3. Outline silhouettes with same marker so they pop. Then with a second marker to add color. And again with first marker to set silhouettes apart from rest of background. 4. Fill in blank spaces with various graphic patterns. Color in or decorate shoelace panels and tongue to your liking. Just remember: No negative space allowed! The less white, the better. So try it! You can do it too… We kitty you not.

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