Tuesday Tunes: BANKS

It’s all about the Tuesday tune-age over here at the office. We’ve been thinking about Coachella since it’s coming up (yay), and one of our favorite up-and-coming artists, BANKS, will be there (yay, again). But who is Banks?

Let us give you the 411. Her name is Jillian Banks (styled BANKS). She’s twenty-five, based out of LA, and her major label debut album is coming out this spring. Her lyrics are dark and soulful – think R&B with seductive electronic touches – and she recently toured with The Weeknd. In an era where social media reigns king, Banks chooses to let her management team maintain her Facebook page and Twitter account. However, Banks listed her personal digits with the statement, “if you ever want to talk.” Way to make us swoon; please be our BFF.

The bottom line is that we’re in love with her voice and style (she seems to favor black). Peep our gallery of her super cool style, shop our inspired picks, and make sure to do it while listening to her amazing tunes.

Images courtesy of the BBC, MandoFresko, Billboard, LA Weekly, Details, DIY, Clash, V Magazine, Spex, and Banks’ Tumblr.



 Shop Banks-inspired style at GoJane.com!


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