Meet GoJane Model, Emily!

Who’s That Girl?


We asked. She told…

Sign: Leo
Snack of choice: Pretzel M&Ms
Song that best titles your life: “We are Young” by FUN.
Beauty regimen: Wash my face with a special face wash for my skin and keep makeup off my face when I’m able to.
First “Oh shit, I’m a real model” moment: When I walked in my first LA fashion week when I was 14.
What did you want to be when you were younger: A singer…specifically Cher.
Ideal Sunday Funday: I’m really good at bowling, so I go every Sunday.
Currently hooked on: The TV show Face Off, since I want to get into makeup and prosthesis once I’m out of school.
Dream car: Porsche Carrera
Advice to aspiring models: Just keep going even when you want to give up! It’s a tough business that takes alot of hard work and dedication.
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13 thoughts on “Meet GoJane Model, Emily!

  1. You look fabulous! How did you start modeling? Like what was your very first job? And how do you get to be so confident with your body?


    • Thanks Brittany! I personally feel that someone has to really want it and be ready to work hard! One has to be extremely dedicated to be successful in the industry.


    • Thank you Lindsey! I started modeling when I was 13 almost 14 and my sister Amanda, who is also a Gojane model got me into modeling because she was starting to at the time.


    • Surprisingly I don’t do much! When I can I try to do some simple excercises like crunches and squats. I also try to eat somewhat healthy.


    • Aw thank you! Because I’ve been working there for about 2 years my whole wardrobe is Gojane! I’m always shopping while I’m working.


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