Meet GoJane Model, Kouwai!

Who’s That Girl?

Kouwai for GoJane

We asked. She told…

Sign: Taurus. Yeah, we’re pretty cool!
Ethnicity: Liberian, Filipina & Chinese
Fave Snacks: Kit Kats & Cherry Lime Arizona Tea
Beauty regimen: I wash my face with water (no cleanser because my skin is sensitive) & I use a mild moisturizer called Cetaphil. I’m too lazy to apply makeup on the daily, so I usually only wear it for photoshoots.
Fave sound: The sound of nature. The sounds of waves, wind & animals. Being in that peaceful state of mind is beautiful.
Currently listening to: Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love!” Unfortunately, I’m crazy in love right now.
Song that best titles your life: “The Recipe” -Kendrick Lamar Ft. Dr. Dre
Perfect Sunday Funday: Chillin’ with my best friend Keelan and having him take photos of me.
What did you want to be when you were younger: Everything, haha! Model, musician, actress and I wanted to own a business. I still have those dreams today.
Life beyond modeling: More focus on my music career!
Advice for aspiring models: My best advice would be to practice (constantly taking photos and practicing your poses in the mirror). Also doing your research on everything there is to know about modeling (There are many scams out there). And of course please be YOURSELF many people let the industry destroy them. Just make sure you have true passion for this, it’s not all fun and games all the time.
Message to the fans: I just want to thank you all for your positive comments. I really appreciate that. Keep shopping with GoJane and never give up on your dreams! Keep it gee.
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Got any other questions for Kouwai? Comment below & she’ll personally answer you.

23 thoughts on “Meet GoJane Model, Kouwai!

  1. omg!!!!yes you really made gojane more lovable!!! i swear you photograph with so much life and energy!!!! then i see you have African in you omg!!!!!! *screams* i love you more! i am also African…. Nigerian to be exact!! idk if you are the first black (dark skin) model go jane has ever showcased on their website but wow they made a good choice!


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    • Hey Hey Malinn,

      I have 3 tattoos.
      My inner arm: They are african-adinkra symbols. Each one has a name and meaning. “Tree of God”, “Sun & the Moon”, “Grace of God” & “The Earth has weight”. They all talk about God, nature, Love & Harmony.

      The side of my stomach: It means “No lies, Just love” in Bisay language. I got it for my best friend, Rose’ Valentina, she’s a model too. It’s a quote she’s always saying..

      Knuckles: There God Symbols from different religions. Christian, Jewish, Toaism, Egyptian Eye of Horus & The circle is for unity because I’m not any religion. I just believe in God.

      -Kouwai Potocnik


  3. Thank you for being such a positive person and role model, especially for the Asian community! I appreciate you reaching out to us and acknowledging that there are real young people that follow and care.❤


    • Hello Lisa,

      Wow! Thank you for that comment. I really do appreciate that. I’m glad your inspired and I hope to keep inspiring any race, any age and anyone who has a dream.

      Stay positive,
      Kouwai Potocnik


    • Thank you.
      Some people like the piercing, some don’t. Everyone has their opinions and that’s totally fine. But, at the end of the day that’s me & my style.

      Stay positive & keep shopping go jane!
      -Kouwai Potocnik


  4. gojane’s photographer has a profile on and last time I saw they were looking for models that lived in the area of ontario cali. If I wasnt from canada I would have contacted them. I love gojane❤


    • Hey Alysia,
      How did I become a model for them?
      Easy, I just wrote them and said “Hey, I want to model for you”.. Haha. I’m basically my own agent for right now so I write different brands and sometimes I get lucky? Hope this helps.

      Stay positive!
      -Kouwai Potocnik


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