Caption This Photo To Win This Dress!

Updated 1/28/13: Congrats LadyATB! Thank you for the wining caption:

“These shoes were mint to be!”

Thanks to everyone who participated!

If you want to be entered to win the two-tone striped dress featured on the model below, you’re gonna have to caption this photo! What do we mean by caption? Ya know those really funny/annoying internet photo memes that you see all over your friend’s Facebooks, Instagrams and Tumblrs? Well we want you to come up with a super clever one-liner that best fits this photo. It should be funny, weird, quirky, mind-blowing or thought-provoking. But it can not be vulgar or distasteful. So slip on your thinking caps and get to captioning already!

Caption This Photo…

Caption this photo to win the dress!Win This Dress!

Note: A winner will be chosen on Monday, January 28, 2013 @ 7pm (PST). You have until then to comment. Only submissions on this blog post will be considered. Submissions on GoJane’s Facebook or any other social media platforms will not be considered. You may enter as many times as you please, with as many different captions as you can think of. You may bundle up all your captions in one submission or return at a later time and submit a new caption if something else strikes you over the weekend. Please leave a valid email address. We can’t contact you as a winner if your email is (although that would be an awesome email address). We will reply to the winning comment, send a message to the email address listed and update this post with the winner’s name. After a winner is chosen, s/he will have until Friday, February 1, 2013 to claim the prize.

*International winners will receive store credit in the amount of the prize.
**Please be advised that we do not ship to all countries. If a winner is chosen from said country we can only offer them a shout out on our blog. Sorry, but no prize or store credit will be awarded.
Click here to see if you qualify for a prize/store credit…

The winning caption will be placed on the photo and featured on GoJane’s Instagram. Please leave your Instagram handle (@name) with your submission so that we can tag you!

181 thoughts on “Caption This Photo To Win This Dress!

  1. Beauty Unexpressed.
    “Don’t Let Me Fall”
    Bits and Pieces of Everything
    You and got nothing on me
    Shoe Groove
    Fun at Last
    Spring is here, well almost.
    Can’t wait for spring
    Stand Out
    Dare to be Different.
    Stand out, standing on heels


  2. Sorry I originally posted “Timber!!!!!!” or “Is This Gum On My School !?!?” I meant to say “Is This Gum On My Shoe !?!?”


  3. “Catch your balance this spring with cool patterns and bright colors”
    “Lets be abstract!”
    “Make your style, your own”
    “G4L: GoJane 4 Lyfe!”
    “Take a risk, make a change”
    “Let’s be bold and make a statement”
    “Coloring blocking is still my BFF”
    “Bring it on! I’m ready to concur the world!”


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