Rihanna Follows GoJane on Instagram (Kinda)

Ever heard of a certain Barbados-born pop star named…hmmmmm, what’s her name again? Oh yeah, Rihanna! Well turns out Riri loves GoJane just as much as we love her…kinda. Rihanna recently became an Instagram follower of our very own Lead Stylist, Andie! Apparently, even @badgalriri herself can’t resist the crazy cool stylings of the adorable lil’ fashion junkie we call Andie. Needless to say, we will be adding this to our long list of professional accomplishments. So take a hint from Rihanna and follow @callmeloka_andie. Because if she’s good enough for Riri, she’s good enough for you the world!

Digging on Andie’s IG looks? You can find mostly everything she’s wearing in her IG posts at GoJane.

And if you don’t already (shame on you), make sure to follow @gojanedotcom for your fashion fix.

7 thoughts on “Rihanna Follows GoJane on Instagram (Kinda)

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