Luxe for Less: Gwen Stefani

You already know about our Gwen Stefani style crush, but an outfit she wore earlier this week made us seriously swoon. Why? Well, she managed to incorporate some of our favorite trends, such as leather and peplums, into one cool look. Of course, we knew that the songstress responsible for “Rich Girl” (sample lyrics include, “I’d buy everything/ Clean out Vivienne Westwood/ In my Galliano gown”) was rockin’ some seriously expensive gear, and we didn’t want to spend an entire paycheck on a pair of peep-toe booties. So, we put together a nearly identical look for a very modest $89.50. Take a look and make sure to let us know what you think.

rounded sunglasses
, peplum leather top, leather safety pin bracelet, coating inset jeans, and suede peep toe bootie

What did you think? What other celebrities would you like to see get the Luxe for Less treatment?

Photos courtesy of Daily Mail

10 thoughts on “Luxe for Less: Gwen Stefani

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    • Peplums are flattering on all sorts of body types because they force the eye to think your body looks hourglass. By the way, if you’re apprehensive about the trend try it with a top and pencil skirt in a dark color- you’ll look tall, sleek, and on trend.


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