Name This Outfit & Win This Dress!

Update 9/10/12: Congratulations Natacia! Her title…

“Black Widow”

was chosen as this week’s best title. Thanks to everyone who participated. There were a ton of responses. You ladies must have really liked the dress! We’ll see you this Friday for the next giveaway!

What do we mean by name it? Well every week we add three new outfits to our Shop By Outfits page. After some quick brainstorming, we writers decide on a phrase that best represents each outfit. We know we’ve got a winner when a suggestion is met with high-fives and self-proclaimed outbursts of self praise. You too can experience the high of being an “Outfit naming SOB!”

Tips for naming the outfit:

  • keep it short (a few words)
  • the clever-er the better-er
  • song titles/lyrics are cool (if relevant to the outfit)
  • the quirkier the more attractive
  • making us laugh is always appreciated
  • get inspired by visiting our Shop By Outfits page

Comment below with your titles. Comment as many times as you’d like, with as many titles as you’d like. Or include a list of all your titles in one comment. We don’t care how you do it, just as long as it gets done. Good luck!

Note: A winner will be chosen on Monday, September 10, 2012 @ 6pm (PST). You have until then to comment. Please leave a valid email address. We can’t contact you as a winner if your email is (although that would be an awesome email address). After a winner is chosen, s/he will have until Friday, September 14, 2012 to claim their prize. **International winners will receive store credit in the amount of the prize. **Please be advised that we do not ship to all  countries. If a winner is chosen from said country we can only offer them a shout out on our blog. Sorry, but no prize or store credit will be awarded. Click here to see if you qualify for a prize/store credit…

327 thoughts on “Name This Outfit & Win This Dress!

  1. Black licorice, rock star 101, night life, rated R, Russian roulette, freakum dress, raged crow, night on the prowl, vampir-ess, obsession, obsessed, delectable, cut it out, eat your heart out, ManEater, Black stallion, Black stallion and flame, Black Furnice, fire in the Furnice, The Red and the Black


  2. project runway,bombshell,carass me,rip me, sex appeal,extravagant, cage me,catch me,the spy, new me, spontaneous, walk me ,walk with me,.dare me, double trouble, fame,walk of fame, release me, hot fire, devilish,


  3. -little black phoenix
    -virgin fangs
    -Midnight wildfire
    -I love the way you lie
    -little black something😉
    – Carrie lol
    -bleeding diamond
    -hot flash
    -burning sky


  4. tear me apart,undress me, freaky friday, dark night, im a tease, nighty night, dark heart, lovley, dirty black,cold heart, freaky night, breakup, single n black, date night. no love.


  5. Sexy but dangerous
    Black and sexy
    Dark Diva
    Sexy and Dark
    Sexy and dangerous
    Fancy and hot
    Naughty Diva
    Dark and delicious
    Black Chocolate
    Dirty and Dark
    Sexy in Back
    LBD in sexy
    Pure Hottness
    Pure Sexiness


  6. Sex in the city
    After dark
    Dark and dirty
    Party monster
    Back to black
    Sleek and sexy
    Hot and bothered
    Sexy puma
    Short and sexy
    Black and bothered
    Short and naughty
    Naughty hottie
    Simply naughty


    • Hot Like Passion
      Excuse Me
      Winter Heat
      Sweet Heat
      Cole Winter Heat
      Seductive Sweat
      Sweat It Out
      Cole Mind


      • Lady Ga-Damn
        Heat Rash
        Cocktail Fever
        Cocktail Goddess
        Black on Fire
        Match This
        Miss Me With That
        Kiss My Cocktail
        Mad Black
        Mad Vamp
        Vamp Beau
        I’m Such A F’n Ladi
        The Dark Knight
        Vamp of the Damm
        Bodacious Bodycon Bomb
        Close to the Edgy
        E to the Edgy D to the dazimmm


      • Lady Ga-Damn
        E to the edgy D to the Dazamm
        The Dark Night
        Im Such A F’n Lady
        Bodacious Bodycon Bomb
        Kiss My Confidence
        Rih (Rihanna) Me Over
        Rih-diculously Glam


  7. Bad Reputation
    Bad Religion
    Bring on Bodycon
    Black Beauty
    Back to Black
    Golden Girl
    Addams Family Reject
    Goth Glimmer
    Goth Glam
    Grunge Glimmer
    Grunge Glam
    Cut it Out
    Gold Night
    Ladies’ Night
    LA Noire
    Black kiss
    New Moon
    Breaking Dawn
    Redhead Dread
    Kiss Me Quick
    Snazzy Dresser
    Cut Out Queen
    Queen of the Night
    Pretend Goth
    Killer queen
    The Sweet Escape


  8. The Curvy Coverup

    No Jacket Needed

    Late-Night Lover

    Sheek Black Seductress

    Curve Lovin Cut Out

    Yes those were all different titles hope you like:)


  9. Fire&Desire, Black flower, just call me Fierce, Sass&Class, Style- No Days Off, Desire Me, Desired, You’re PhyRED, Black& beauty, Show Out, Red over heels, Black Chic, Perfectly Good at Bad, Over the Edge, Good Girl Gone way Bad, Kneel & Beg, Pow Pow! the end, Mouthwatering


  10. Holy Grail (is flower breeders dream to obtain a true black flower as such), The Twilight, Raven, Love-me-now, Black Spice, Moon dress, Dark intensity, Black Butterfly


  11. Wild Thing, Caged Diva, Heartbreak Hunny, Set Me Free, Love in Black, Back in Black, Path to my Heart, Cut out my heart, Love Me, Sexy Squared, Cut It Out Baby, Cut It Out, Love Me, Wild Side, Find Your Passion, Passion me up, Love Me Down, Wild Side, Bad Girl Swag, Unleash the wild, Bold and Brave, Sweet and Saucy, Sweet and Sexy, Black and Bold, Black Metal, Love in Black, Back for More, Blackbird, Black Star, Black Sabbath


  12. Bad Mama Jama
    Daring Diva
    Black Gem
    Hottie Tottie
    Black Sugar
    Dangerously Fabolous
    Black is the new sexy
    Sexy is the new black
    Hungry for men
    Tease me
    You can look but cant touch
    Your type
    Let’s party
    A shot of Wild
    Wild girl
    Wild cutie
    Show stopper


  13. Black Widow

    Phoenix Rising


    Flame & Ash

    Sultry Siren

    Eat Your Heart Out

    Cut Your Heart Out

    Daring Desire

    Scarlet Siren


    Rouge Siren

    Rouge Scarlet

    Classy & Gold

    Not Your Mother’s Favorite

    Little Red Rouge

    From the Ashes

    From the Ashes comes the Flame


  14. The Head Turner.
    The Knock-out.
    Back in Black.
    Little Miss Chic.
    Sultry Seductress.
    Black Attack.
    Midnight Masquerade.
    Midnight Kiss.
    Little Blackhearts.


  15. I’d love to wear this outfit with this Fall’s vampire trend makeup (especially “black cherry” lip color) So I’d name it “VAMPTRESS” or “QUEEN OF THE DAMNED”.


  16. Maxtrix Re-hole-did. Cuz the dress is all black and looks like she’s in the matrix but there’s holes (cut outs) at the top of the dress as well.


  17. Miss…. Please cut it out
    Cut it out
    Cut it out ladies
    Cut out on edge
    Cut out meet little black dress
    Cut out queen
    You are cutting up
    The Fab Cut Out


  18. Should’ve put a ring on it.😉 Reson being because the dress is very beyonce-esk. And the lady in the photo looks like she’s trying to show her EX what he missed out on… Xo0oX


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