Behind the Scenes + Sneak Peek: Spikes, Studs, and Skulls

Yeah, we know it’s July, but we’re kinda already obsessing over all things fall, including sweaters. We guess that’s why today’s post is focused on all sorts of pre-fall goodies, such as thickly knitted cardigans and creepy crawly spiders (perfect for Halloween!). But, don’t think we’re out of some perfect summer stuff. As you’ll see, we’re still feeling waterfall hems, head chains, and denim cut-offs. Oh, and we made sure to include a few shots of our models fooling around in the studio. You like?

What did you think?

PS: As always, everything should be on the site within a few days (in the New Styles section).

3 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes + Sneak Peek: Spikes, Studs, and Skulls

  1. Reblogged this on chloescravings4savings and commented:
    This is amazing, spikes are SUCH a trend and one of my faves, I get excited for fall whenever I see amazing trendy sweaters. I encourage you all to follow this blog!



  2. This is TO DIE FOR! I am so so so so into spikes, and I have also been so excited for fall just so I can sport my amazing sweaters. Love this blog, and will be following, and would love a follow back.!:)



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