Name This Outfit & Win This LBD!

Update 7/2/12: Congrats Aria! Her title…

“Walking On Sunshine”

…was chosen as the best title. How could you not make reference to those neon yellow heels! I mean, staring at those super bright beauties is like staring directly at the sun. Ouch!

We love all your titles, so keep them coming. Each Friday you’ll be given another chance to win something spectacular from our weekly photoshoot. So if you want some free swag- you know where to find us…

We can’t think of any other location we’d rather shoot our weekly looks at than…da beach! There’s never a dull backdrop and the model is always appreciative of the sun-kissed skin she gets to go home with. But, it’s tough keeping the crew on task when there are miles of sand to relax on and all anyone wants to do is, errr nothing. But, being the true professionals we are- the crew managed to grab some stellar shots. And once again, the stylists were on point. We’re in love with this outfit. The dress’ sexy, strappy back and that dangling arrow collar necklace is to die for! Who knew an LBD would work so well at the beach?!

Don’t you just love this look? We knew you would. So we’re giving you a chance to win the featured dress. All you have to do is give this outfit a name:

What do we mean by give this outfit a name? Well every week we add three new outfits to our Shop By Outfits page. After some quick brainstorming, we writers decide on a phrase that best describes each outfit. We know we’ve got a winner when a suggestion is met with high-fives and self-proclaimed outbursts of self praise. You too can experience the high of being an, “Outfit naming SOB!”

Tips for naming:

  • keep it short (a few words)
  • the clever-er, the better-er
  • song titles/lyrics are cool
  • the quirkier the more attractive
  • making us laugh is always appreciated
  • get inspired by visiting our Shop By Outfits page

Comment below with your titles. Comment as many times as you’d like, with as many titles as you’d like. Or include a list of all your titles in one comment. We don’t care how you do it, just as long as it gets done. Good luck!

Note: A winner will be chosen on Monday, July 2, 2012 @ 6pm (PST). You have until then to comment. Please leave a valid email address. We can’t contact you as a winner if your email is (although that would be an awesome email address). After a winner is chosen, s/he will have until Friday, July 6, 2012 to claim their prize. **International winners will receive store credit in the amount of the prize. Good luck!

212 thoughts on “Name This Outfit & Win This LBD!

  1. Back in Black
    Black Gold
    Black Butterfly
    Blackberry Way
    Super Golden Black Sunchild
    Black Magic Woman
    Mellow Yellow
    Yellow Submarine


    • Leather Illumination
      Bolt of Black
      Black Beauty
      Striking Beauty
      Struck by Black
      Struck by Lightning
      Black Streak
      Black Strike
      Illuminate the Night
      Dark Lightning
      Lovely Light
      Night Light


  2. Not studdin’ you
    sell me candy
    no competition
    front row center
    front row
    cut to the chase
    no worries
    arm candy
    light the way
    pace setter


  3. Back in Black
    Paint it Black
    Nothing Else Matters
    Dirt off your Shoulder
    99 Problems
    Some Like It Hot
    Feel the Heat
    She Dances on the Sand


  4. City Streak
    Street Legal
    Lightening Strike
    Stroke of Lightening
    Fabulous with a Chance of Lightening
    Studded to Perfection
    Classic Rock
    Perfectly paired
    Classy meets Sassy
    Oscar Casual


  5. “Not That Little Black Dress, But That Little Black Dress”, Hotter Than The Sun, Blazing Flares, Starships and Spikes, Black Ice, Black is Bomb, Confetti Cake, A little bit of this & black, 6 inch Walker, Frisk Me Good, Meet Me at the Fashion Asylum, Glamour, Glitz, & Nails, Babe in Black, King She, Chicks With Crowns, Show Me My Opponent, Glow-ifying Goddess.


  6. -The Dark Side of the Sun
    -Midnight Bright
    -Midnight Sun
    -Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark
    -Moon, Sun, & Stars
    -Black-Eyed Susan
    -Glitz Your Dark Side
    -Brighten Your Dark Side
    -Brighten & Glitz Your Dark Side
    -Bright Summer Night
    -Bright Night
    -Bright Black


  7. -Summer Clubbin’
    -Midnight Sun
    -Handful of Sand
    -Back In Black
    -Yellow Top Missin’
    -Bold Sunshine
    -Bangin’ Black
    -Bold Glamour


  8. Black Parade
    Dark Waves
    Dark Desires
    Midnight Call
    Midnight Silk
    Onyx Flow
    Obsidian Waves
    Ebony Flares
    Bathed in the Dark
    Eclipsing Sun
    Flowing Black Waters
    Pitchblack Night


  9. Summer breeze…..
    Can’t touch this!
    Just cool…
    Too hot to handle!!!
    Black beauty…
    As usual…
    That was soooo easy….lol!!


  10. walk on by
    dream on
    in your dreams
    beautiful nightmare
    dark crush
    In disguise
    black affair
    In too deep
    dark waters


  11. black attire
    black scene
    black scenery
    mystic black
    come forth black
    com fort black
    black sin
    sin black
    sinful black dress
    sinful black
    black sinful
    black sinful dress
    laid black
    laid black dress


  12. -Life’s a Beach
    -Work Hard Play Harder
    -Sandy String
    -Chasing Rays
    -Rum Runner

    Email (Couponmomfl(at)yahoo(dot)com


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