Style Crush: Iggy Azalea

One of our fave new music (soon-to-be) superstars is Iggy Azalea. This Australian rapper looks like Grace Kelly, but her lyrics are so raw they’d make Ol’ Dirty Bastard blush. Plus, not only do we love her unique sense of style, but we are definitely feeling her in your face ‘tude. To celebrate Azalea’s upcoming album, The New Classic, as well as the fact that she  is awesome, we’re offering you a post dedicated to all things Iggy, including some images that totally got the Instagram treatment- enjoy! Oh, and finally, our stylist even pulled together an Iggy Azalea-inspired look.

If we could dress Iggy:

(bitch necklace set, spike stud ring, wavy striped bodysuit, pyramid stud stretch belt, chain link hinge bracelet, geometric print shorts, and studded lace-up bootie)

Are you a fan of Iggy? What about her style?

4 thoughts on “Style Crush: Iggy Azalea

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