MTV Movie Awards: A Recap of the Looks That Got Us Talking

If you didn’t have the chance to watch last night’s MTV Movie Awards, let us offer you a quick recap: people still really love Twilight, Kardashian jokes never grow old, and Charlie Sheen was in attendance. Unfortunately, we weren’t privy to some Kanye West-inspired shenanigans, but we did have the chance to see some of our fave celebs rock looks that will keep us talking for days. Of course, there were a flew flops and WTFs, but there were also tons of ensembles we can’t wait to try at home. So, without further ado, here are the good, the bad, and the hmmms of this year’s MTV Movie Awards.

The Good

Emma Stone, Charlize Theron, and Shailene Woodley

We are unabashed fans of peplums, and we suspect that our adoration is responsible for the serious swooning we did after seeing these three ladies rocking our go-to shape in new and unexpected ways.

Victoria Justice, Lucy Hale, and Kristen Stewart

All three of these lovely lasses picked bright hues that flattered their skin tone, as well as hightlighted their feminine figure.

Of course, not every look was a slam dunk…

The Hmmm…

Emma Watson and Leighton Meester

Emma Watson shoes us how to do prints in a way that is special, as well as trendy and flattering. However, Leighton’s look, while colorful, felt a little casual for the MTV Movie Awards.

Jessica Biel and Ciara

Jessica Biel is undeniably gorgeous and typically picks clothing that shows off her style smarts. But, we just weren’t feeling this little number because of the heavy sleeves. Conversely, we loved Ciara’s choice of a red, long sleeve, Balmain mini, but wish she would have had more fun with the accessories or shoes.

Elizabeth Banks and Janelle

Pantsuits are a daring choice and we definitely applaud these stars for their bold looks. But, does anyone else think that the solid hue is kinda boring?

The Bad

Brooke Hogan, Kristen Prout, and Julianne Hough

Cut-outs can be a fun and sexy way to show off, but each of these looks left us wanting. Brooke’s look, while plenty sparkly, didn’t do much for her muscular shape. Conversely, we applaud Kristen and Julianne for daring to bare their tummies, yet both didn’t offer much in the way of accessorizing and as such, their looks fell flat.

What did you think of the MTV Movie Awards? Any looks we missed?

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