Name This Outfit & Win This 90’s Inspired Prize Bundle!

Update 6/4/12: Congrats Erica Adair! Her title…

“Blossom Babe”

…was chosen as the best title for this outfit. We chose it because of it’s ode to one of our favorite 90’s shows, “Blossom!” with Mayim Bialik. And it also coincidentally highlighted the floral skirt. As for the babe part…there is no better way to describe our model! Thanks to everyone who participated. We hope to see you this Friday for our weekly blog giveaway. Good luck!

We’re doing what we can to keep you lovely ladies hip to the scene. So this week’s prize features a pair of round frame sunglasses. We know what you’re thinking…those are so 90’s! But guess what? The 90’s are soooooooooo in right now. You might want to add all the early seasons of the OG “Beverly Hills 90210” to your Netflix queue and freshen up on some of these nostalgic styles. And we’re not talking about the current running of 90210. We’re talking…Brenda Walsh, Dylan McKay and Steve Sanders kinda stuff. Trust us…a weekend in bed staring into Brandon Walsh’s dreamy blue eyes never hurt nobody!

Name This Outfit…

Win all this stuff!
Tips for naming:

  • keep it short (a few words)
  • the clever-er, the better-er
  • song titles/lyrics are cool
  • the quirkier…the more attractive
  • making us laugh is always appreciated
  • get inspired by visiting our Shop By Outfits page

Comment below with your best titles. Comment as many times as you’d like, with as many titles as you’d like. Or include a list of all your titles in one comment. We don’t care how you do it…just as long as it gets done. Good luck!

Note: A winner will be chosen on Monday, June 4, 2012 @ 6pm (PST). You have until then to comment. Please leave a valid email address. We can’t contact you as a winner if your email is (although that would be an awesome email address). After a winner is chosen, he/she will have until Friday, June 8, 2012 to claim their prize. **International winners will receive store credit in the amount of the prize. Good luck!

155 thoughts on “Name This Outfit & Win This 90’s Inspired Prize Bundle!

  1. “Can’t Touch This”
    “Stylin’ in The Sun”
    “Sassy But Classy”
    “90’s is Back in Style”
    “Classy but So 90’s Retro Style”
    “Stop the Cameras”
    “Flashing 90’s”
    “Flash Back To the 90’s”
    “Back To The 90’s”
    “Flowerama Boardwalk”
    “So 90’s Fit”
    “O So 90’s!”
    “O So 90210”
    “Bun Up, Glasses Round”


  2. please Read each of them carefully:)
    90’s Beauty
    Spark of 90’s
    Sun Kissed Hotti
    90’s Action Replay
    90’s Sharpie
    Moves Like Hotti
    Mid 90’s Chick
    Courtney Love
    2000’s goin on 90’s
    21st Century Chick
    21st Century Girl
    Just Retro
    Grunge Fashion
    Little Grunge Dress
    Gorgeous in 90’s


  3. Smell The Roses
    California Dream
    She’s Got the Blues
    Rose Stud (Rosebud)
    California Love
    Let’s Get Glam
    Rock Studdy (Rock Steady)
    Smells Like Roses
    Talk Around Town
    Express Yourself


  4. California Vamp
    Grunge As You Are
    Sunnydale Style
    Studs N’Sync
    Seattle Stud
    The Spirit of the 90s is Alive… at GoJane
    Grungey Spice
    Sunny Spice
    Rocker Spice


  5. Venice me not
    Venice the Menace
    California Dreamin’
    Bloomin’ Venice
    The Warm Shoulder
    The sunny side
    Bloomin’ Beauty


  6. feminine fad

    feminine funk

    rich girl prep

    casual chic

    feminist minimalist

    “as if” (clueless)


    “i totally paused”

    floral funk

    prepped & pretty


  7. I Saw the Sign…and so did Tapanga
    JTT’s true love
    I stole these shades fromTapanga
    Cory and Tapanga’s lovechild
    Kiss from a Rose


  8. g-holdin-chic
    golden winter dew
    stripped winter sleeveless
    legs, shoulders, knees, and wedge (head, shoulders, knees, and toes jingle)
    japa-knees fable
    no reason out of season
    iMILF (mother i love to fashion)


  9. Third-wave Fashion-ism
    The Sixth Fashion Sense
    Fashion Matters
    Sailor Fun
    Bling With It
    I Want It That Way
    What A Girl Wants
    Forever Young
    Saving Private Fashion
    Buddy List


  10. You’re Unbelievable!
    She’s Unbelievable!
    If You wanna be my lover
    Strike a Pose!
    Come on, Vogue!
    Baby One More Time
    Justify my Love
    Ray of Light
    Losing my religion
    You Oughta Know
    Who will save your soul
    Saved by the Bell
    Spice Girl
    Jessi Inspired Look from Saved by the Bell


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