Trend Report: The Return of Round Sunglasses

The temperature continues to rise and we continue to shed valuable layers in efforts to not completely roast. But, there is one delicious thing we get to add to our ensembles and we have a justifiable excuse for doing so: sunglasses. After all, a pair of sunnies is necessary for optimum ocular health, right? Right. But, you can’t just slip on the dusty frames you found underneath your bed- this season’s hottest shape is round. We’ve seen some of our fave style stars, including Nicki Minaj and model Abbey Lee Kershaw, rock these John Lennon-inspired shades, but we’re now bringing the look to you with this awesome photo gallery showing all the ways you can get round.

What was your fave picture? We’re kinda feeling the last one thanks to her excellent choice in lipstick.

Oh, and if you wanna get in on the look? Check out our picks below.

(design frame sunglasses, color frame sunglasses, circle frame sunglasses, printed round frame sunglasses, and swirl arm sunglasses)


Photos courtesy of Tumblr, Pinterest, and Vintage Virgin

One thought on “Trend Report: The Return of Round Sunglasses

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