Three Fashion Rules You Should Break

We’re always told that fashion allows us to express ourselves, but we’re also told that there are a bunch of rules you have to follow if you wanna look good. Uh-oh, what’s a girl to do?! The answer is simple: break ’em. After talking to some of our favorite stylists, bloggers, models, and buyers we came up with three rules that you should break. Plus, we created outfits inspired by all that rebellion.

1. Don’t wear leggings as pants

1. strappy back dolman sleeve top
2. elephant tusk necklace
3. stone strappy back ring
4. tribal print leggings
5. buckle suede bootie
6. teardrop ring

Admittedly, you shouldn’t don a pair of tight flesh colored leggings lest you look nude and you sure as hell shouldn’t slip on a pair of mesh leggings and act as if you’re covered. But, you are totes allowed to substitute jeans for printed and lace inset leggings.

2. Don’t combine patterns

1. sheer floral cropped top
2. baroque sunglasses
3. contrast coil bracelet
4. shimmer jewel triangle ring
5. polka dot high-waisted shorts
6. neon patent leatherette platforms

Do we advise layering your navy semi-sheer polka dot blouse over a pair of brightly striped fuchsia jeans? No. But, we also realize that leopard can most definitely be a neutral and furthermore, the trick to making this work is to stick to a similar color scheme and keep proportion in mind.

3. Don’t wear black to a wedding

1. beaded feather earrings
2. teardrop ring
3. chameleon sequin clutch
4. printed studded heels
5. oversized bow tube dress

Maybe you chose a black dress because you find the hue slimming or you’re a fan of all things Wednesday Addams. And even though some old school fashionistas claim that wearing black to a wedding is crass, we are under the opinion that getting your black on is all sorts of chic.

What other fashion rules should you break? Are there any we still need to follow?

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