Win A Blazer + Some Bling! Guess This Week’s Photoshoot Location!

Update: 4/9/12 Winner Announced…Congrats Lynn! Scroll through the comments to read her correct answer.

Enter To Win: Comment on this post with the correct location of where these photos were captured, and you will be entered in a random drawing to win the blazer, bracelet and ring pictured on the model. Hint: this installment of structural art is near a Los Angeles building that some people fear. But it’s also a place others go to seek protection. To be entered in the drawing you must comment with the title of this public art piece.

Note: Only correct responses will be considered in the random drawing for the winner. The winner will be contacted via email on Monday, April 9, 2012. You have until then to keep guessing. International winners will receive store credit in the amount of the prize bundle.

56 thoughts on “Win A Blazer + Some Bling! Guess This Week’s Photoshoot Location!

  1. my guess is the L.A Police Department, i goggled that shit, that fence with the ball behind it, and the writing on the window. dead give away, but I’m from B.c and have never been to L.A so who know just a guess =]


  2. The art installation is “In the Eye of the Storm” by B.J. Krivanek and Joel Breaux
    It is located near Parker Center, the former LAPD headquarters, the address of which is:
    150 North Los Angeles Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90012


  3. So its is the location for these photos AND the name of the art piece? Hmmm… the exhibition in called In the Eye of the Storm which has several parts to it. The one with the inscribed words is called The Connection. This location is 911 Communication Dispatch Center
    Los Angeles, California. it’s RIGHT by the Parker Center:)


  4. Win A Blazer & Some Bling! Guess This Week’s Photoshoot Location! Public Art Piece…
    The location of the photoshoot was at The Department of Cultural Affairs in Los Angeles!!


  5. This is at the 911 Metropolitan Communications Dispatch Center next to the police department at the Parker Center located on Los Angeles St. The art installation is titled “In The Eye of the Storm” and the public artist was B. J. Krivanek and Joel Breaux was the designer.


  6. You must have been down by the L.A. Court House. Couldn’t help but notice that there were some shots taken in the basin too. Used to play down there and catch tadpoles when I was very young. I love L.A. and GoJane!


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