Fashion Face-Off: Cropped Tops’ Edition

Watching late night reruns of Friends has taught us many things, but perhaps the most important lesson we’ve learned involves one of our fave things: fashion. Namely, cropped tops are freaking adorable and will always look good, regardless of if it’s 1992 or 2012.  So, in celebration of all things cropped we’re giving you a fierce fashion face-off and you have to choose your fave celebrity in the battle of the cropped top.

Katy Perry vs. Selena Gomez

After seeing these two beauties in their cropped tops we knew we had to get in on the trend. One of our trendy stylists picked three tops she knows you’ll love and to show our appreciation of the Kids’ Choice Awards’ orange carpet she picked three tops of a similar shade.

1. woven bralette
2. cropped crochet top
3. ponte cropped top 

What’s your fave way to wear cropped tops?

4 thoughts on “Fashion Face-Off: Cropped Tops’ Edition

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  2. I’m not comfortable with baring my midriff so likely I’ll pair cropped tops (like the cropped crochet top!) over a plain and simple sleeveless maxi dress:)


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