How to: Wear Florals Without Looking Like a Second Grader

You have probably figured out that GoJane is kind of obsessed with florals. After all, is there anything prettier than some finely placed floral action? Yeah, we didn’t think so. But, there is one issue that arises when it comes to florals: the possibility that you may end up looking like a second grader.  But, have no fear because GoJane is to the rescue! We’ve put together three distinctly different looks all featuring florals and we know you’ll adore ’em just as much as we do.

1. colorblock long sleeve shirt
2. beaded tribal necklace set
3. basic five pocket skinny jeans
4. floral toe booties

Why it works: We kept a color palette of muted earth tones, but this particular look features some very hot and complimentary trends, namely florals, colorblocking, and tribal.

1. suede peep-toe platform
2. floral chiffon dress
3. textured cuff bracelet
4. colorblock bucket handbag

Why it works: The color scheme is fresh and trendy, as is the combination of colorblocking and florals.

1. lace cami tank
2. flower print skinny jeans
3. graphic perfume top
4. canvas espadrille sandal

Why it works: Printed jeans and pants are having a revival, but it can be an admittedly tough look to work. The solution? Complimentary colors. As this look illustrates, we did a floral jean, but kept everything else relatively muted.

What was your fave look? What other how-to guides would you like to see?

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