Win This Leatherette Skirt! GoJane is “EYEING YOU” in Southern Cali!

Who could pass by a wall like this and not strike a pose in front of it? Can you say, “Facebook profile pic!” A bright and fun photo like this is guaranteed to get you a gazillion LIKES.  This week’s editorial shoot may have resulted in some stellar images, but the elements behind the scenes weren’t all too ideal. We’ve zoomed out and given you a sneak peek at what REALLY goes on during our outdoor shoots. This Southern California rain keeps lingering around and trying to dampen our hopes of introducing our spring collection. Booh to you Mr. Rain! But this leatherette skirt sure did come in handy. Our model’s bottom stayed as dry as wheat toast! The rest of her… not so much. And lets not forget to thank our hair/MUA; her umbrella holding skills were on point! Thanks Kat!

ENTER TO WIN THIS SKIRT: You know the drill…be the first to correctly guess where this week’s photoshoot took place and you will win the leatherette skirt featured in the pictures! This one is a toughie if you haven’t walked through these alleys before, so we’ll help you out a bit. We can tell you it’s in Venice Beach, CA. But now you have to give us the cross streets of exactly where this colorful eye wall sits. Comment with your guesses and we’ll check back in a couple days to announce the winner. Good luck!

*Note: International winners will receive store credit in the amount of the skirt.

19 thoughts on “Win This Leatherette Skirt! GoJane is “EYEING YOU” in Southern Cali!

  1. Thanks for participating! We’ve chosen a winner. The cross streets were Wavecrest & Speedway. A lot of you guessed correctly, but it went to the first correct answer. Tip: Subscribe to the blog and you’ll receive an email the moment this contest is posted! That’s your best bet!


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