How to: Wear Stripes Without Visually Packing on the Pounds

Regardless of how little or how much you know about fashion, you’re probably familiar with the adage, “Horizontal stripes will make you look fat.” Yet, it’s ever so difficult to keep these words in mind when we’re lusting over thickly knitted cardigans, body con sheaths, or high waisted leggings, all with those delicious and taboo horizontal stripes. Yet, GoJane knows that rules, even those of fashion, are meant to be broken. As such, we present you with three distinct looks, all of which feature horizontal stripes.

1. woven square clutch
2. beaded fruit ring
3. stripe knit flare dress
4. bowed wayfarer sunglasses
5. strappy leatherette platform heel

Why it works: Your legs will look miles long thanks to the nude* heels. Additionally, the simple and flattering cut won’t overwhelm your frame or create added bulk.

1. skull embellished tee
2. studded stripe design sunglasses
3. striped high waist leggings
4. microstud platform bootie

Why it works: The close fit of the leggins won’t add weight.  Furthermore, your frame will appear longer because of the dark colored heeled booties.
1. crocheted button-up cardigan
2. wired tribal necklace
3. solid color sheer top
4. maxi pencil skirt
5. leatherette zip-up bootie

Why it works: The combination of a maxi skirt and platforms means that your bottom half will look lengthy and svelte. Therefore, pairing the striped sweater with this stunning duo won’t make you appear chunky. Finally, a pop of color will draw the eye towards your shirt and not towards the stripes.

What was your favorite look? What other how-to guides do you wanna see?

* The phrase nude refers to wearing shoes similar in shade to your skin. If these shoes don’t match your skin tone find a pair that will flatter your gams. Oh, and trust us- we have heels, booties, and boots in a wide assortment of colors so it won’t be a challenge to find the perfect pair.

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