Win These Wedge Booties! Guess The Photoshoot Location!

GoJane “HAS THE MUNCHIES” In Southern Cali!

Remind us to never send a hungry photographer and model on a photoshoot. Why? Because the ending result will be what you see below. A bunch of pictures taken in front of restaurants and snack shacks. But it’s actually befitting if you think about it. If you knew where this photoshoot took place, you’d know why the theme of “having the munchies” makes perfect sense. This legendary Southern California city is known for its bohemian style and lackadaisical spirit. Anyone who’s ever visited this beach town knows of its love for glassware and incense. Hundreds of people visit this area everyday in search of kooky characters and good vibes. Have you been one of them?

The first person who can tell us the exact locations of these photos wins the booties featured on the model. BE SPECIFIC…we want the city and the name of the three eateries that the model is standing in front of. Comment with your guesses! Good luck!

*Note: International winners will receive store credit in the amount of the bootie.

Shame shame on our photographer for letting our model eat a corn dog. Doesn’t he know models must stay on a strict diet of Skittles and Red Bulls?!

25 thoughts on “Win These Wedge Booties! Guess The Photoshoot Location!

  1. Thanks for participating. A winner has been chosen! ANSWER: Venice Beach CA. Cairo Cowboy, Danny’s Deli & Big Daddy’s and Sons Pizza. A lot of you were close, but not specific enough. Check in every Thursday for another chance to win @ “Where in SoCal is GoJane?”


  2. I was stuck on the last one for so long. I know Cairo Cowboy and Danny’s Deli and I finally found the last one. I thought the blurred out part was the name of the place “Sweet Tooth Sallys” but it’s part of the bigger sign of Big Daddy and Son’s Pizza.


  3. I wish I saw this sooner! I live right by here!
    1. Cairo Cowboy
    2. Danny’s Deli
    3. Big Daddy and Sons Food Inc
    Would so love to have these shoes!


  4. STILL can’t find the last one and it is bugging me! But anyway, these photos were taken at Venice Beach, and the resturants are Cairo Cowboy, Danny’s Deli and Big Daddy & Sons? That’s the only place that comes to mind for the last photo.


  5. I have no idea where this is, but the comment about the models diet is disgusting. I don’t know if it was serious or joking, but even if it is joking, it’s pathetic, given that so many models have turned to anorexia to get “that edge”. If I should ever win this contest, you can keep all your shoes BUT PUT A REAL GIRL UP THERE WHO IS WITHIN HER BMI RANGE, ISN’T TO AFRAID TO LOOK THE WAY NATURE INTENDED HER TO LOOK, DOESN’T HAVE TO STARVE HERSELF TO “LOOK GOOD” AND DOESN’T LOOK LIKE A TWIG!


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