GoJane Lookbook: February 2012

Emma Roberts: Luxe for Less

Maybe you’re familiar with Emma Roberts due to her performance in films such as Valentine’s Day, Twelve, and Hotel for Dogs. Or maybe you hear her surname and immediately think of Julia Roberts, Emma’s aunt. If you’re still having trouble placing her we suggest watching The Killers’ “Mr. Brightside” video to get a sneak peek of her father. Okay, we admit that doing so won’t help you figure out who she is, but the combination of tasty man meat in the form of Brandon Flowers and Eric Roberts will completely atone for this oversight. Regardless of how you know her, there is something inexplicably intriguing about Ms. Roberts. The particular look showcased below is sleek, sophisticated, and young. But, we knew that we couldn’t quite afford to drop $140 on a jacket, let alone additional bling, and that’s why we put together this look. The cost? Less than the Dylan Alexa blazer Roberts is sporting. Oh, and after you score her look, you’ll still have enough to buy a cocktail to celebrate just how fabulous you look.

1. layered tribal necklace set
2. lace back tank
3. collarless jacket
4. pocketed jeggings
5. strappy peep-toe platforms

We think this look could work really well for Casual Friday (if you happen to work somewhere that doesn’t allow for jeans to be worn every day). Conversely, this is definitely a great first date outfit. What do you think?

PS:  Make sure to tell us what other celebs you’re dying to see.

How to: Wear Florals Without Looking Like a Second Grader

You have probably figured out that GoJane is kind of obsessed with florals. After all, is there anything prettier than some finely placed floral action? Yeah, we didn’t think so. But, there is one issue that arises when it comes to florals: the possibility that you may end up looking like a second grader.  But, have no fear because GoJane is to the rescue! We’ve put together three distinctly different looks all featuring florals and we know you’ll adore ’em just as much as we do.

1. colorblock long sleeve shirt
2. beaded tribal necklace set
3. basic five pocket skinny jeans
4. floral toe booties

Why it works: We kept a color palette of muted earth tones, but this particular look features some very hot and complimentary trends, namely florals, colorblocking, and tribal.

1. suede peep-toe platform
2. floral chiffon dress
3. textured cuff bracelet
4. colorblock bucket handbag

Why it works: The color scheme is fresh and trendy, as is the combination of colorblocking and florals.

1. lace cami tank
2. flower print skinny jeans
3. graphic perfume top
4. canvas espadrille sandal

Why it works: Printed jeans and pants are having a revival, but it can be an admittedly tough look to work. The solution? Complimentary colors. As this look illustrates, we did a floral jean, but kept everything else relatively muted.

What was your fave look? What other how-to guides would you like to see?

What Celebrities Were the Worst Dressed at the Academy Awards?

Sure, nearly anyone can look decent at the Oscars with the assistance of a stylist, makeup artist, hairdresser, and an arsenal of assistants. However, it takes a special sort of celebrity to show up to the biggest event in the film industry and look questionable . Of course, we know that fashion is subjective and yes, we realize some of our choices are controversial, yet the following ladies made us shake our coiffed heads in disbelief, wonder, and occasionally all out shame. Curious as to who they are? Keep reading, darling.

1. Busy Phillips

Michelle Williams’ BFF,  Busy Phillips of Cougar Town, is notorious for playing wacky characters often bordering on the edge of nymphomania. Yet, this particular look demonstrates another sort of psychosis. Specifically, the bright peep-toe heels coupled with the lengthy blue earrings was daring, but as General Custer has shown us, bravery doesn’t always result in success. Oh, and as for the Dolce & Gabbana dress? Great cut, but the fabric looks like something you’d find at Wal-Mart in the bargain bin.

2. Sandra Bullock

Admittedly, we  feel like jerks mocking Sandra Bullock for anything whatsoever because she is America’s sweetheart. But, the fact remains that this Marchesa frock looks as if there are bejeweled zombie hands reaching for Bullock’s derriere and internal organs.

3. Rooney Mara

Rooney Mara’s ethereal beauty has been on full display this award season and trust us when we say that we adore how she stands out amongst the bevvy of blonde, tanned, and busty celebs who are typically on our radar. Yet, we’re sad to report that this Givenchy gown makes the twenty-six year old’s bust look as saggy as that of a centenarian who’s given birth to enough babies to result in double digit figures.

4. Sherri Shepherd

Perhaps you aren’t a fan of Sheri Shepherd for her insistence that the world may not be round, but we think we have discovered an equally grievous error: wearing a black bra underneath her plunging dress. By the way, despite some serious research we couldn’t figure out who designed this I Dream of Jeannie atrocity frock and as such, if you have an insider connection to the dark world of obnoxious TV hosts’ preferred designers drop us a line, okay?

5. Melissa Leo

We understand that at fifty-two Melissa Leo may not want to show off her guns. But, we suspect that this Reem Acra gown could be immensely improved by lopping off the awkward gold top. After all, the only person who can make a collared blouse work at the Oscars is the eternally sexy Sharon Stone.

So, what did you think of our list? Anyone we shouldn’t have added? How about anyone we missed?

Techies <3 Fashionistas! Tech Report, GoJane Style.

Fashion and technology are more similar than one might think. Both industries are cut-throat and cutting edge. The CEO’s of big time tech companies could definitely tango with the reigning divas & divos  of the top fashion houses. After all, once the couture gowns and  software solutions are stripped away, you’re left with nothing but a basic business model. Be the first to create something spectacular and convince the masses they need it more than anything else in the world.

How many of you have stood in hour-long sample sale lines for the chance to breathe the same air as a DVF dress? And don’t even try to tell me your beloved iPhone wasn’t bought with money that should have gone to groceries or rent. Lets just face it people…our world is ruled by fashion and technology and we love it! I mean, who wouldn’t sell their soul for a vintage Halston gown or to be the first to have the iPad 3? I know I would! In fact, who do I call about something like that?

1. Prada by LG 3.0

“Distinctive Prada Style with Innovative LG Technology”-LG

This collaboration was first made back in 2007, when Prada and LG first revealed their stylish & tech savvy phone. But this latest version is:

  • slimmer @ 8.5mm thick (one of the slimmest Smartphones around)
  • brighter @  800-nit (one of the world’s brightest screens)
  • larger w/ a 4.3 inch display (older version had 3 inch display)
  • better equipped with an 8MP camera (older version had 2MP) & up to 8 GB of user memory 
  • running Android

Now that you know this phone is tech-legit, let us point out the Prada-signature Saffiano patterned back cover. Can you say, “Shi Shi Shi! Beverly Hills darling!” (Kevin Lee voice-Housewives of Bev Hills)

Now here’s the #FAIL moment to this fantastic news…the Prada LG is not yet available worldwide. Only the lucky fashionistas & fashionistos  of Korea, Western Europe and UK can get their mitts on this must-have mobile device. But you can get on an LG email list  to be notified the moment it does finally become available. Click here to sign up!

*For a more in-dept review of this geek-chic phone, read what Mat Smith of engadget has to say. And when we say in-dept, we mean it. This guy really lets you know what’s up with this phone. He explains everything from how the curved sides make for a better grip on the super slim design, to the “pretty decent [Prada] earphones” that are included.

2. Barbie Photo Fashion Camera

“If you can picture it, Barbie can wear it.”-Barbie Rep

Barbie has forever brought out the inner Rachel Zoe in every little girl. I remember the feeling of utter pride when I pieced together the perfect ensemble for Barbie’s first date with Ken. She wore a slinky silver dress, cut with an asymmetrical hemline (think Jerry Hall circa Studio 54)…topped off with a faux-fur coat.  My bed was the scene of their romantic Parisian rendezvous, my desk lamp acted as a dim streetlamp and my Hello Kitty pencil box was the “bench” they sat on as they shared their first kiss. It was one of the most romantically directed moments of my Barbie’s life…too bad there weren’t any paparazzi around to capture the moment.

But now thanks to the innovative peeps at Mattel, little girls of today won’t ever have to experience that same feeling of memories lost. They can take snap shots of every magical make believe moment that comes to be in their bedrooms. And not only is this camera one of the cutest designs around, it also offers legit specs:

  • 5-megapixel camera
  • thumb-size LCD screen
  • 15 built-in effects to funk up your pics
  • holds up to 100 captures
  • powered by a rechargeable battery
  • USB port allows you to upload photos to your computer
  • same resolution as found on an iPhone

So now, Barbie won’t only bring out our inner fashion stylist, but now our inner fashion photographer. Move over Steven Meisel, these Barbie-loving chicks are gonna give you a run for your money!

Mattel debuted their fashion-friendly camera in February @ the NY Toy fair 2012. The Barbie Photo Fashion camera is set to be released in Fall of 2012 for about $50. Just in time for Christmas…the peeps at Mattel know what their doing.

Get tech-saavy with GoJane…

native union pop phone handset
robot charm necklace
rainbow iphone case

Win This Leatherette Skirt! GoJane is “EYEING YOU” in Southern Cali!

Who could pass by a wall like this and not strike a pose in front of it? Can you say, “Facebook profile pic!” A bright and fun photo like this is guaranteed to get you a gazillion LIKES.  This week’s editorial shoot may have resulted in some stellar images, but the elements behind the scenes weren’t all too ideal. We’ve zoomed out and given you a sneak peek at what REALLY goes on during our outdoor shoots. This Southern California rain keeps lingering around and trying to dampen our hopes of introducing our spring collection. Booh to you Mr. Rain! But this leatherette skirt sure did come in handy. Our model’s bottom stayed as dry as wheat toast! The rest of her… not so much. And lets not forget to thank our hair/MUA; her umbrella holding skills were on point! Thanks Kat!

ENTER TO WIN THIS SKIRT: You know the drill…be the first to correctly guess where this week’s photoshoot took place and you will win the leatherette skirt featured in the pictures! This one is a toughie if you haven’t walked through these alleys before, so we’ll help you out a bit. We can tell you it’s in Venice Beach, CA. But now you have to give us the cross streets of exactly where this colorful eye wall sits. Comment with your guesses and we’ll check back in a couple days to announce the winner. Good luck!

*Note: International winners will receive store credit in the amount of the skirt.

MSN & Seventeen Magazine Love GoJane Prom Dresses!

Who doesn’t love the spotlight? We’ll trample a room full of beauty queens for a chance to be center stage. And when the lights come on and the escorts arrive to lead us off screen, we won’t just do a little curtsey and gracefully walk off the stage. You better believe we’ll be the last one standing, strangling a bouquet of roses and waving frantically to our friends and family.

We’re so proud to let you all know that MSN stuck us right on their front page! Thanks to a little magazine called Seventeen (you may have heard of them), who compiled a list of prom dresses priced under $100, we are now that much closer to making sure every girl looks like a star on prom night. We’re also proud to say that of the 54 dresses featured, GoJane made 10 of those slots. You don’t believe us? Well check out the screenshots below…

So take a tip from MSN and Seventeen magazine and get this prom thing right this year. A GoJane prom dress is a guaranteed jaw dropper. We’ve got tons of formal dresses to fit all shapes, sizes and styles!

Luxe for Less: Look Like British Beauty, Rochelle Wiseman, Without Breaking the Bank

Jeans and a cute tee may seem like a simple and uninspired combo, but we like to think that a few well placed extras can take you from blah to bombshell. As we searched high and low for lovely ladies to emulate for Luxe for Less we couldn’t help but keep coming back to The Saturdays’ Rochelle Wiseman.  Her style, when not on stage, is simple, girly, and oh yeah, fashionable. We put together a look we recently saw her rocking, but our version will cost you the same as her J.Brand jeans. Yes, we’re offering UK celeb style for less than $175.

1. long fur vest
2. striped open back bodysuit
3. five pocket solid color jeans
4. leatherette envelope design handbag
5. faux shearling boot

Did you guys like this look? What other celebs do you wanna see get the GoJane treatment?

How to: Wear Peplums

Peplums rear their pretty head every few decades or so. We saw ’em in the Forties and then the Eighties. But, the modern peplum is not that of your mother or grandmother’s generation. Instead, the peplum features a little bit more sass and can often be found in the most unexpected of places.

We’ve put together four looks for you, all of which feature peplums, but in dramatically different ways. So, take a look and make sure to tell us which one you love and why, okay?

1. lace peplum dress
2. stitch leatherette clutch
3. embellished bow pearl bracelet
4. bowed platform pump

1. cross back short sleeve top
2. stone square shape ring
3. linked box chain necklace set
4. peplum skirt
5. striped strappy wedge

1. quilted leatherette wallet
2. strappy back leopard tube
3. jeweled feather stretch ring
4. lace-up platform boot
5. bandage style knit mini

1. strapless leopard print ruffle dress
2. retro patent clutch
3. design frame sunglasses
4. easter egg ring
5. cut-out laced wedges

What other fashion and style questions do you have? Let us know and you could soon see it here!

How to: Wear Stripes Without Visually Packing on the Pounds

Regardless of how little or how much you know about fashion, you’re probably familiar with the adage, “Horizontal stripes will make you look fat.” Yet, it’s ever so difficult to keep these words in mind when we’re lusting over thickly knitted cardigans, body con sheaths, or high waisted leggings, all with those delicious and taboo horizontal stripes. Yet, GoJane knows that rules, even those of fashion, are meant to be broken. As such, we present you with three distinct looks, all of which feature horizontal stripes.

1. woven square clutch
2. beaded fruit ring
3. stripe knit flare dress
4. bowed wayfarer sunglasses
5. strappy leatherette platform heel

Why it works: Your legs will look miles long thanks to the nude* heels. Additionally, the simple and flattering cut won’t overwhelm your frame or create added bulk.

1. skull embellished tee
2. studded stripe design sunglasses
3. striped high waist leggings
4. microstud platform bootie

Why it works: The close fit of the leggins won’t add weight.  Furthermore, your frame will appear longer because of the dark colored heeled booties.
1. crocheted button-up cardigan
2. wired tribal necklace
3. solid color sheer top
4. maxi pencil skirt
5. leatherette zip-up bootie

Why it works: The combination of a maxi skirt and platforms means that your bottom half will look lengthy and svelte. Therefore, pairing the striped sweater with this stunning duo won’t make you appear chunky. Finally, a pop of color will draw the eye towards your shirt and not towards the stripes.

What was your favorite look? What other how-to guides do you wanna see?

* The phrase nude refers to wearing shoes similar in shade to your skin. If these shoes don’t match your skin tone find a pair that will flatter your gams. Oh, and trust us- we have heels, booties, and boots in a wide assortment of colors so it won’t be a challenge to find the perfect pair.

GoJane Featured on Good Morning America!

OMG! Did you see? We are like so freaking famous! Kate Dimmock, style director for People Style Watch magazine paid a visit to the ladies of GMA and did a helpful little segment on getting celebrity style for a whole lot less. Our strappy lace-up platform was featured on a lovely little model who was the style clone of the uber stylish Naomi Watts. We are flattered and stoked to even be mentioned in the same sentence as this Aussie sweetie. Her style was described as, “a little chicer and a little edgier.” Who knew we had so much in common with Naomi Watts…they couldn’t have described us any better!

GMA host Robin Roberts was awed by the super affordable $22.20 price tag. We think we held our own being compared to the much much more expensive Coach counterpart featured on Naomi Watts. Hey Naomi…if you ever need a replacement for those shoes, give us a hollar and we’ll definitely hook you up.😉

Win These Wedge Booties! Guess The Photoshoot Location!

GoJane “HAS THE MUNCHIES” In Southern Cali!

Remind us to never send a hungry photographer and model on a photoshoot. Why? Because the ending result will be what you see below. A bunch of pictures taken in front of restaurants and snack shacks. But it’s actually befitting if you think about it. If you knew where this photoshoot took place, you’d know why the theme of “having the munchies” makes perfect sense. This legendary Southern California city is known for its bohemian style and lackadaisical spirit. Anyone who’s ever visited this beach town knows of its love for glassware and incense. Hundreds of people visit this area everyday in search of kooky characters and good vibes. Have you been one of them?

The first person who can tell us the exact locations of these photos wins the booties featured on the model. BE SPECIFIC…we want the city and the name of the three eateries that the model is standing in front of. Comment with your guesses! Good luck!

*Note: International winners will receive store credit in the amount of the bootie.

Shame shame on our photographer for letting our model eat a corn dog. Doesn’t he know models must stay on a strict diet of Skittles and Red Bulls?!

Luxe for Less: Rihanna

If you’re still searching for a fashion icon you may want to settle on Barbabos beauty, Rihanna. This good girl gone bad has had some major style transformations throughout the years- she shed her lengthy locks for a cool mohawk-inspired ‘do, routinely rocks neon-hued eyes, and prances around on stage in plenty of naughty leather.  No matter what this singing sensation wears, we have noticed a trend: she looks perpetually fashion-forward. But, we guess this shouldn’t come as a surprise- she has unlimited access to J Brand Jeans, Dolce & Gabanna , and Brian Atwood. Yet, resembling RiRi shouldn’t feel like an exercise in S&M- that’s why we put together this outfit. The look is cool, casual, and chic, but certainty not costly- it’ll cost you around $105.

1. collared open front coat
2. three ring cross necklace
3. studded love glamour top
4. chain trim animal print bracelet
5. belted cuff dress pants
6. pointed toe pump

What do you like about this look? What celebs do you want to see next?

Valentine’s Day Swag Bag Giveaway!

Hearts and heels, red and rings, lips and lockets- yes, you know what that means, right? It’s Valentine’s Day and GoJane is set to make your day a little bit more beautiful. How? With girly accessories, shoes, and plenty of love. So, mosey on over to our Facebook and enter for a chance to win a swag bag. Oh, and did we mention that the second place winner will win two items from their fave swag bag and the third place winner will score one item from their favorite bag? Finally, in case you needed additional incentives to enter, we included pics below.

Bag One:

Bag Two:

Bag Three:

What was your fave collection? And remember, you could soon be the proud owner of some hot heels, stylish accessories, and designer-inspired clutches- just enter for a chance to win!

Workplace Style

It should come as no surprise that the GoJane office is filled with the sound of stilettos climbing up stairs, the rustle of cardigans pulled over printed dresses, and the gentle clinking of layered necklaces brushing against each other- after all, this is GoJane and we love clothes and we love our jobs. As you can imagine, that means we know how to dress for work, no matter what kind of job you have. Finally, we even included an outfit for the interview because well, you gotta interview to get the job, right?

The Interview

1. peter pan collar puff sleeve top
2. pleated colorblock handbag
3. stone square shape ring
4. solid color dress pants
5. woven leatherette heel

Boardroom Babe

1. collared flare top
2. leatherette two tone purse
3. single button blazer
4. suede pointed toe kitten heel
5. double button pants

Keeping It (Business) Casual

1. shirred sleeve dress
2. pearl design stone ring
3. suede platform pump
4. oversized colorblock handbag

Casual Friday

1. flyaway blazer
2. graphic film print top
3. ankle strap platform wedge
4. basic five pocket skinny jeans

You’re a Creative, Aren’t You?

1. ribbed high low sleeve top
2. double buckle front handbag
3. solid color skinny pants
4. printed cross back top
5. sequin collar necklace
6. woven leatherette platform booty

What look did you like the most? Oh, and how do YOU dress for work?

Photo Gallery: A Tribute to Whitney Houston

News of Whitney Houston’s death was initially met with skepticism, disbelief, and outright denial. Perhaps it’s because we continued to collectively remember her as the baby faced songstress of the Eighties with bubblegum hued lipstick and perpetually perky ringlets. But, Houston was far more than simply a talented woman with powerful pipes: she epitomized diva in every single way and America loved her for it. Below you’ll find several photos of the late Houston- think of it as our tribute to the woman who told ladies everywhere that, “It’s not right, but it’s okay- I’m gonna make it anyway.”

Ultimately, Whitney encouraged millions of her fans to be fabulous, to be fierce, and to not be afraid to wear your heart on your (embellished) sleeve. What was your fave Whitney song?

Sh!t My Boyfriend Says About My Clothes

As a fashionable female you undoubtedly understand that harem pants, high-low tops, and cutout wedges are so of this moment it threatens to give us vertigo. Unfortunately, your special someone won’t always share these sentiments and in fact you may hear some of the following:

1. Did you know your shirt ripped in back?

1. acid wash high waist jeans
2. round neck short sleeve top
3. suede cutout booties
4. pleated colorblock handbag

2. Did you go to the bathroom in your pants?

1. distressed design blah top
2. slouchy pocket pants
3. spike trim ring
4. crinkle patent platform pump

3. You look like a Muppets character.

1. rhinestone button front pocket jeans
2. long fur vest
3. pocketed racerback tank
4. mini triangle earrings
5. feather suede booties

4. Your dress has a mullet.

1. oversized owl necklace
2. lace-up back dress
3. leopard print platforms
5. Did your shirt shrink?
1. wrapped chainmail bracelet set
2. two tone sequin top
3. basic five pocket skinny jeans
4. velvet platform pump
5. snake print rhinestone brooch clutch

What has your significant other said about your clothes? By the way, all of our examples were things our boyfriends and husbands actually said to us.

How to: Dress for Valentine’s Day (Like You Really Mean It)

Perhaps you previously thought us Valentine’s Day scrooges on account of our thoroughly modern take on fashion for the upcoming holiday.  Yet, we assure you that we unabashedly love this day and as such, we offer you four looks so sweet, so romantic, so quintessentially Valentine’s Day-y, that you may find yourself changing your position that we love this particular day too much.

Give Me Lip

1. embellished heart ring
2. kiss graphic top
3. bow shorts
4. lizard print rosette t-strap wedge

Pink Lady
1. solid color zip back dress
2. plumping lip gloss
3. oversized heart charm necklace
4. velvet mary jane platform

Sequin and Striped Sistah

1. matte frame sunglasses
2. graphic sequin heart top
3. solid color jeans
4. striped leatherette toe flat

Lovely in Lace

1. lace open back dress
2. heart charm necklace
3. snake print rhinestone brooch clutch
4. patent platform pump

So, what was your favorite look? What do you plan to wear for Valentine’s Day? By the way, make sure to vote in our poll about your plans- we love seeing the results!

How to: Dress for Valentine’s Day (Without Being Too Obvious)

Valentine’s Day is often thought of as a special holiday reserved exclusively for couples and Hallmark executives. However, we know that the GoJane girl, regardless of relationship status, always wants to look good. As such, we put together a few looks just for you.

Date With Your Sweetheart:

1. stone square shaped ring
2. lace design open bow back dress
3. ruffled satin peep toe platform

Clubbing with Your (Single) Friends:

1. strappy back tribal tube top
2. woven chainmail bracelet
3. mineral wash skinny jeans
4. wrap around ankle strap wedge

Movie Night with the Bestie (No Romantic Comedies Allowed!):

1. rhinestone trim love ring
2. metallic zipper top
3. fringe slingback wedge
4. basic legging

What was your favorite look? What are you planning to wear on Valentine’s Day?

Find Our Location + Win These Cowboy Booties!

GoJane is “SO AMUSED” in Southern Cali!

Something you non-Californians may not know about SoCal is that our Santa Ana winds got more kick than your Tia Socorro’s salsa roja! Our ferocious winds have been known to uproot trees and send big rigs skidding across four lane highways.

And of course with our luck, the winds were on an ass-kicking mission the day of our outdoor photoshoot. But being the alpha-females that we are, we didn’t go running indoors with our tails in between our legs. You best believe we braved the breeze! And with the exception of some dirty contacts and a few oopsie “I see London, I see France” mishaps, we managed to get some amazing shots.

Note: Windy days are a blessing in disguise for flat haired girls.  Thank you Santa Ana winds for our model’s beautiful wind-blown hair. Mama Nature, you may have tried to foil us, but you just hooked us up with a free hair stylist. Thanks!

Prize: The cowgirl booties featured on the model below…

Are you getting a case of deja-vu from looking at these photos? I know I am…this amusement park is the setting for one of the cutest and sweetest moments in my life. This is where my highschool sweetheart asked me to be “his princess” for the first time. Tear<3

So if you’ve been here before or just have an awesome sense of guess, comment and let us know where in Southern California you think this photoshoot took place. The first person who correctly comments on this post with this location wins the cowboy booties featured on the model. Be specific! We want the name of this Southern California family fun center.  Good luck and may the most stylist fashionista win!

Luxe For Less: Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian may have a questionable claim to fame, but this particular Kardashian has managed to leverage that booty into billions. Additionally, she’s not shy about flaunting her enviable posterior or her status as a member of the 1%. We often see Kimmy K in some of the world’s hottest, and therefore most pricey, designers such as Herve Leger, Christian Louboutin, and Dolce & Gabanna. But, these quadruple digit duds are far more than we can afford and that’s why we put together this look- it’s cute, it’s a lil’ sexy, and of course, it’s totally Kim for under $275.

1. colorblock design sunglasses
2. long fur vest
3. peacock feather necklace
4. cross back cut-out top
5. woven chevron bangle set
6. liquid finish jeggings
7. double buckle leatherette handbag
8. suede platform pump

What celebrities and designers would you like to see next? We have a few more of your faves lined up, but we definitely want to know who else you’re dying to see.

How to: Go from Day to Night

True story: I used to work in a very stereotypical 9-5 job and would immediately leave work to go to Hollywood at least three times a week. Of course, this meant that I had to figure out outfits that were appropriate for answering telephones, as well as catcalls. If you’re looking for a way to take your outfit from stylin’ schoolgirl to club chic continue reading for some inspiration.

Sweatshirt Schoolgirl

1. high waisted leggings
2. graphic smiley face tee
3. slouchy suede boot
4. zigzag cuff bracelet

Sequin Sistah

1. high waisted leggings
2. floral print bangle set
3. chiffon sequin tank
4. strappy fringe heel
5. woven leatherette clutch

Leopard Lady

1. strapless animal print dress
2. cropped blazer
3. pearl design stone ring
4. ankle strap leatherette heel

Fierce Feathered Female

1. jeweled tribal necklace set
2. fringe feather platform
3. strapless animal print dress
4. layered chain link rhinestone ring

Cute Colorblock Chick

1. solid color sheer top
2. tiered tulip skirt
3. pleated detail flat
4. colorblock bucket handbag

Beaded and Baubled Babe

1. solid color sheer top
2. tiered tulip skirt
3. spiked necklace set
4. leopard print lace up wedge bootie
5. chainmail bead bracelet


What other questions do you want answered? Additionally, what are YOUR tips from transitioning pieces from day to night? By the way, next time we do this feature we’re going to only use accessories to create a brand new look perfect for class to club.

Get Waisted! An Ode to Girls In High-Waisted Jeans

You probably realize we’re fans of jeans at GoJane and we carry hundreds of different styles because we know that you want lots of different options. Perhaps one of our favorite returning trends is high waist jeans because it’s such a welcome departure from the low rise denim that continues to be seen on everyone or heck, maybe we love ’em because they’ll camouflage a problem tummy. Additionally, high waist jeans can be styled numerous ways, including with cropped tops that you couldn’t necessarily get away with if you were wearing a pair of low rise jeans slung around your hips. Anyways, we’re totally on the high waist jeans bandwagon and after seeing our stylish gallery below, we hope you will be, too!

What was your favorite image in this set? Why? Personally, we’re kind of all about the second image because of her effortless cool.  What other trends are you loving?

Photos courtesy of: The Sartorialist, Fuck Yeah Swedish Girls, Imfashionated, and Rabbit from the 80s

GoJane Is Giving Madonna All Our Luvin’…

In honor of Madonna debuting her latest record today, we compiled a gallery of totally awesome photos of our favorite O.G. Popstar! There’s nothing much to say about this lady that hasn’t been said already. So we’ll shut up and just let you enjoy!

Scroll down to the bottom to watch her brand new video for “Give Me All Your Luvin.” The video features Madge, Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. dressed in varsity themed outfits cavorting with hunky football players. Oh Madonna, behave…

Yay! Ready for the video? Here it is…

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Ladies in Leopard

Much like Gwen Stefani, we maintain that leopard can and should be paired with anything in your fashion arsenal.  Yep, we’re talking leopard and plaid, leopard and neon, leopard and… well, you get it, right? (Of course you do- you are a GoJane girl, after all) We’ve put together a mini-gallery of leopard looks we love and after taking ’em in we wanna know: what leopard look do YOU love and why? Oh, and if you’re feeling all sorts of fashionista then go ahead and show us how you rock leopard- we double dare ya.

We love how each girl managed to put her personal spin on leopard, from geeky chic to leather and leopard.

By the way, what gallery would you like to see next? As always, we are your stylish servants and want to put a smile on your gorgeous face.

Photos courtesy of Chictopia

Guess This Location + Win These Booties!

GoJane is on a “MISSION” in Southern Cali!

The weather here in SoCal is as finicky as vegans are with…everything they eat. In a single month the climate can move it’s way up and down the thermometer like a stripper working a pole on a Friday night. But we’re not complaining about the influx in temperature. It gives us the opportunity to take advantage of our versatile Californian style. It’s jumpsuits & varsity jackets one day and mini skirts & bandeaus the next. There’s never a dull moment when it comes to our LA weather or wardrobe.

On the day of this particular photoshoot, the sun was knocking at our door like a hyper-active neighbor kid begging for us to come out and play. The sunlight gleamed beautifully through our sheer gear and as an added bonus to the millions of dollars we paid our model, she also went home with a sun-kissed glow.

Does any of the colorful art sprayed on the concrete wall and metal scaffolding look familiar? Were you the urban artist who beautified this once very drab scene? That just may be the only way you’ll guess the location of this week’s editorial photoshoot. We went off the beaten path and may have even done a little trespassing. Oooooh, we’re bad…

So if you consider Los Angeles to be your stomping grounds, then test your knowledge and tell us where in LA this photoshoot took place. Don’t just simply state the city or neighborhood. We want you to be as specific as possible and tell us what landmarks and buildings surround this off-limits area. The first person to comment on this blog post with the correct answer wins a pair of the booties featured on the mode! Good luck!

Luxe For Less: Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana pranced onto the movie scene in 2000’s completely underrated Center Stage as a trash-talking rebel ballerina and over a decade later she continues to epitomize understated elegance. In a recent look, the Avatar beauty rocked simple royal blue jeans and a cute tank. And, while the ensemble may have seemed completely casual and low-key, the cost most definitely was not. Why? Zoe was strutting her stuff in J Brand jeans- the same jeans favored by the likes of Kim Kardashian and  Katherine Heigl. If you’re familiar with the brand you know that their designer denim starts at around $175 and that’s most definitely on the low end of the price spectrum. Conversely, our entire look will run you less than $150. Yes, that’s right- snag designer style for less than a pair of jeans.

1. metal checker print sunglasses
2. shirred sleeve pocket cardigan
3. scoop neck tank
4. patent textured design purse
5. woven chevron bangle set
6. five pocket solid color jeans
7. strappy espadrille wedge

So, how do you guys like the look?

PS: Next week we’re doing a requested look for one of your favorite ladies in the game. But, we don’t want to spoil the surprise and therefore, we’ll only give you a hint: she managed to rake in some serious kash from her short-lived nuptials.

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