Look For Less: Beyonce

Lady B has been on top of the fashion game for the past decade and even while preggers she managed to look all sorts of hot. We know that we’ll never land the Hova (question: did we ever want to?) or manage to look as good in nude pantyhose as the queen B, but her fashion sense might be a little more obtainable… or is it?   After all, snagging the R&B songstress’ signature style is nothing more than a sweet dream for most us because this is the woman who has advised us to upgrade to pricey designer goods. So, what’s a budding diva to do? Get the look for a fraction of the cost from GoJane– we put together a slamming outfit together for under $175!

1. design bridge sunglasses
2. buckle strap leatherette jacket
3. flutter sleeve scoop top
4. silky printed pants
5. lace up leatherette boot

What other stylish celebs would you like to see get the GoJane treatment? Let us know and we’ll make it happen!

3 thoughts on “Look For Less: Beyonce

  1. this is a cute outfit ! yall do so good ! i’m addicted to seeing the looks for less everydayy that i get on here ! xoxo -taylor


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