Luxe For Less: Jessica White

You may know Jessica White for her several appearances in Sports Illustrated, as well as her status as a certified video vixen. Consequently, it’s not surprising that this gorgeous gal is often outfitted in some awesome ensembles, but alas, her love of designer duds isn’t exactly budget-friendly. Take a look at Ms. White in a slinky Herve Leger bandage dress. Sure, the piece flatters her killer curves, but it should at $1,000 a pop. Fortunately, GoJane has found a look that is loyal to White’s sexy vibe, but for less than $80! You’ll notice that we got the outfit down almost exactly- there’s big ol’ dark shades, a patent leather clutch perfect for storing lipstick, and a chunky ring. Finally, all of these pieces work really well together, but they’re versatile enough to rock solo. Now that’s what we call a bargain!

1. metal temple sunglasses
2. glittery v-neck tank dress
3. textured stone design ring
4. ruched quilted patent clutch
5. leatherette pointy toe heel

What other celebrities are just begging to get a Luxe for Less makeover? Let us know!

4 thoughts on “Luxe For Less: Jessica White

  1. The original looks less hoochie. I think a polyester knit fitted dress would have better matched the original. Would have at least given it the same “feel”. The knit dress is a classic and timeless peice—day or evening wear, extremely versatile. The “glittery v-neck” definitely does not give off the same vibe at all.


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