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Freshen Up! 6 Must-Try Cosmetics For Summer


Raise your hand if, as of late, you’ve been breaking a sweat just minutes after your alarm goes off every morning. Okay, now raise it if you dread putting on your make-up these… Continue reading

Microtrend: Espadrilles


Images courtesy of Pinterest While slipping on a pair of flip-flops or sandals every day during the spring and summer seasons is the bee’s knees in our book, you gotta admit… The casually-cool-yet-classically-chic… Continue reading

The Sweet Taste of Rainbows


ROYGBIV doesn’t always lead to a pot of gold, but for some it sure does right now! So, remember those old school Trapper Keepers of yesteryear with Lisa Frank rainbow-y deliciousness embellished with… Continue reading