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How to: Do a Burgundy Smokey Eye (Like Kristen Stewart)


Okay, so your makeup brushes are squeaky clean, and you’re ready to incorporate this season’s hottest hue into your face routine. The next step? A smokey eye inspired by Kristen Stewart. Check out our… Continue reading

Celebrities Really Love Their… Printed Jeans


Think wearing a pair of jeans means that you can’t show off your style cred? Psh. As our mini gallery of celebs shows, shimmying into a pair of printed jeans can instantly elevate… Continue reading

Celebrities Really Love Their… Clear Cap Toe Pumps


Quick: what do Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, and Kristen Stewart  have in common? Their adoration for clear cap toe pumps by a certain French designer. Of course, due to their celeb status they can… Continue reading