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Happy Birthday, Will Smith! (Fresh Prince Gallery)


I think we can agree that Will Smith is all that and a bag of chips. So obviously, we couldn’t let his 45th birthday pass by unacknowledged. And what better way to celebrate… Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Coco Chanel!


Coco Chanel’s classic styles, fierce femininity, and creative voice have been inspiring and keeping women well dressed for years. With her penchant for pearls and classic quilted bags, Chanel has forever imprinted her… Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Jessie J!


Jessie J is pretty much the epitome of cool. Not only can the girl sing (and we mean sing), she also manages to effortlessly go from Hollywood glam to rocker chick in a… Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Drew Barrymore!


She’s been a hard drinking, chain smoking Lolita, a fairy tale princess, a victim of high school bullying and a hopeless romantic with short-term memory loss- whoa, this girl has done it all!… Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Kate Moss!


Today, Kate Moss is celebrating her 39th birthday. Although looking at her, you’d never know it. Here’s to many more years of style and beauty from one of our all-time favorite models! Photo… Continue reading

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