How To Wear A Bodysuit: A Guide To The One-Piece Wonder

Us nineties’ kids remember the bodysuit well. Like jelly sandals (those are back too now!) and slap bracelets (sadly these are not, or else we would buy a dozen) the bodysuit was a wardrobe staple, even if it was a pain getting in and out of the girls’ bathroom before recess ended. But you nineties’ babies who didn’t grow up with bodysuits of every color in your closet may not be as familiar with them, having only seen them on your favorite celebrities in magazine spreads or on concert stages, which, let’s face it, may not be as helpful when it comes to real-world application.

Since bodysuits have come back in a big way now, we’ve put together a little guide that will hopefully cast aside any questions you may have and erase those doubts that still linger about wearing them, because yes, you DO need a bodysuit in your life and yes, you CAN pull it off.

So what exactly is a bodysuit?

Celebrities Without Bottoms
A bodysuit is a close-fitting, often stretchy one-piece clothing item that covers the torso and may resemble a bathing suit or a dancer’s leotard. Since its inception, the bodysuit has transformed from basic undergarment (with that gymnast uniform / superhero costume silhouette) to diversified style superstar, its various cuts bedecked and bedazzled for pop princess performances and donned by starlets galore in glamorous magazine editorials.

But you are aware none of those stars are wearing pants. You expect me to go out like that?

We know, we know. It’s kinda hard to wear a bodysuit by itself without looking like you dropped trou somewhere and forgot to pick them back up again. While bodysuits are often shown sans bottoms, which can make them a little intimidating, they are actually made to coexist with other garments and extremely wearable, since you can style them in a multitude of ways.

Okay, so what are some ways to wear a bodysuit?

We’re betting that “how to wear a bodysuit” is an oft-Googled phrase, but really, you can wear a bodysuit like you would any other top. Except it can shine both as the highlight of an outfit and as its infrastructure. Need an example? Here are some of our favorite under-wear looks…

1. Under sheer and open weave tops – Got a holey mesh tank or a completely see-through crochet top that leaves little to the imagination? A bodysuit would be the perfect base.

96808Ace Of Basic Sleeveless Bodysuit / Good Sport Netted Mesh Cut-Out Tank / Chiffon Button-Up Sleeveless Blouse / Vintage High-Waisted Skinnies

2. Under high-waisted bottoms - What’s the point of buying those high-cut jeans if you’re just gonna cover them up with a long top? Show off that extra-high waistline (and/or booty) with a perfectly tucked-in bodysuit.

3. Under cropped tops and tanks with deep-cut sides - Not too keen on exposing your belly or showing that side-boob? But those cropped tops and muscle tanks are sooooo cute… Not to worry. Bodysuits to the rescue!

97042Acid Wash Ladder Back Bodysuit / City Of Love Paris Cropped Tank / Disobey Graphic Muscle Tank / Ankle Length Zipper Skinny Jeans

4. Under wide-leg pants and skater skirts – If you’re going for flowy or flared on the bottom, you should probably try to stay as slim as possible on the top. And no shirt will ever be as close of a fit to your body as a bodysuit. Come on, it says it right in the name.

5. Under kimonos and other statement pieces – We here consider a kimono a top (rather than outerwear); it’s generally the statement piece of an outfit, right? So we definitely don’t want something underneath it that will interfere with the silhouette or look in general. Add a pop of color, maybe, but steal focus, no way. That’s where a solid little bodysuit comes in handy. (If you’re feeling extra daring and your kimono is of a length that is respectable to you, try doing the no-pants thing. Cinch the waist with a belt, and you’ve got a look that’s runway-ready.)

97691Sleek Attack Shiny Leotard Romper / Tropical Perfection Kimono / So Ethereal Crochet Kimono / High-Waisted Ankle Length Jeans

I’m still not convinced. Why should I opt for a bodysuit instead of a plain ol’ shirt?

What a bodysuit has that a regular top doesn’t is that body-hugging effect of being like a second skin, and with that come a ton of benefits…

1. It eliminates bulk – Have you ever tried getting a tucked-in shirt to lay flat? It’s darn near impossible. With more fabric comes the tendency to bunch up, and you cannot wear a tight little pencil skirt or some liquid leather leggings with folds of fabric showing up underneath. And you thought panty lines were bad!

2. It stays put - Even if you do get your shirt to behave, odds are it won’t stay that way. A bodysuit knows its place in your ensemble and stays there until you tell it otherwise.

3. It flatters your body - For those of you who are reading this and thinking “It’s too tight!” (or for the drama queens, “Why would I wrap myself up like a sausage in a skin-tight casing?”) the bodysuit is actually quite slimming. That snug fit is exactly what you want, because it acts as shapewear, holding in what needs to be held in while also accentuating what needs to be shown off.

Fine, but this is like a baby’s onesie. How will I go to the bathroom?

Well, like the best baby’s onesies, most of today’s bodysuits have snap button closures at the crotch. So no, you will not have to peel off your outer garments one by one and hang them all on your stall door just to make a quick stop at the ladies’ room. Simply pull apart and fasten again when you’re done.

I might be a little intrigued now. But how come I don’t see that many people wearing bodysuits if they’re so in?

Celebrities With Bottoms

Bodysuits are actually all over the place. If you’re not seeing them, it’s probably because most of the time they look just like regular tops. Take a gander at the collage above. Yup, alllll bodysuits.

So those stars all wear bodysuits? Huh. Is there one in particular who wears them all the time?


If we had to pick a bodysuit ambassador, it would have to be Rihanna. Girly has one of every kind – basic, striped, netted, mesh, even turtleneck – and rocks them all a million different ways, onstage and on her off days. If you need a bodysuit babe to look up to (and Google) RiRi is it.

Miley Cyrus

(Buuuuut Miley Cyrus comes in at a close second. Her love for bodysuits is just as strong; it’s her love for bottoms that’s a little lacking, as you can see.)

Won’t it be hard to recreate their looks though?

Not at all! Need an example? We’ve done one for you.

Rihanna Outfits

Sheer Thing Paneled Lace Bodysuit / Knee Deep Destroyed Skinny Jeans / Quilted Lace-Up Booties / Leather Brim Snapback / Layered Double Faux Diamond Necklace / Chain Cut-Out Cuff

Okay, okay. You’ve made a believer outta me. How do I start?

We thought you’d never ask. (That’s not true. We knew you would.) Just click away, baby.

Shop bodysuits and more at!

96809   85722   96356   71910

88745   91235   87399   97589

96104   95299   96081   97143

88889   97800   96776  95256


95445   97043   97101   95442

Top Of The Line: 5 Types Of Stripes You Need In Your Life

We love stripes.

And why wouldn’t we? You’d be hard-pressed to find another print in the fashion world that is more classic, more graphic, more versatile, more chic…the list goes on and on. Which is why we couldn’t be happier that stripes are everywhere right now, including all over our collection.

But while some people pretty much pick up every striped piece and immediately think gotta-get-it, even though they already have stripes of every color in their closet (not to name any names, but for a hint you can look underneath the title of this post, right after the word “BY”), we thought it’d be nice to compile a little list of the types of stripes out there right now that are really the most must-have.

So take a look at the collages we’ve lined up of our models striping their poses, and maybe you will stripe it lucky too and find something that really stripes your fancy. Bottom line is we’re hoping to stripe the right note with you. Are we walking a fine line between cute and annoying? Okay, we’re done. We’ve come to the end of the line.

It's All There In Black And White

It’s All There In Black And White - If you can’t get any more classic print-wise than with stripes, you can’t get any more classic color-wise than with black and white. The ultimate in high contrast, black and white stripes keep you looking sleek and chic; you can’t really ask for more than that, can you? The only thing we’d stay away from is a vertical striped shirt with a V-neckline or a collar, unless you’re planning to wear a whistle around your neck or work at FootLocker.

Dresses: 1. Plunging Stripe It Off Dress, 2. Striped Racerback Bodycon Dress, 3. Simply Stripes Bodycon Dress, 4. Laced In Stripes Bodycon Dress, 5. Game Day Bodycon Dress, 6. One-Two Punch Striped Cut-Out Dress

Pants: 1. Faux Leather Real Stripes Skinny Pants, 2. Pleated Striped Pants

Shoes: Stripe Up A Conversation Wedges

Bag: Canvas Striped N Quilted Bag

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing – Also high on contrast and impact? Animal stripes! These may not be the straight-edged lines you’re used to, but they’re stripes nonetheless. Just a little more…wild. Don’t act like you’re not! And animal print doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. So maybe try a tiger or zebra print next time for a departure from your usual leopard. You may find the two-tone pattern easier to pair than its spotted counterpart. But of course still just as fierce.

Dress: Bengal N Faux Leather Dress

Skirt: Animal Instincts Pencil Skirt

Pants: 1. Z Is For Zebra Track Pants, 2. Earn Your Stripes Shiny Joggers

Shoes:  1. Tame The Tiger Canvas Skimmers, 2. Tiger Crisscross Platform Heels, 3. Hear Me Roar Sneakers

Flower To The People

Flower To The People – One print that may be just as classic as stripes? Floral. Both are such fashion staples now they can practically be considered solids. Which makes it no surprise that they mix so well together. And with mixed prints so in right now, the striped-floral combo has been on runways like Marchesa and Peter Som and on celebrities like Rihanna, Diane Kruger, and even the FLOTUS herself, Michelle Obama. Flower power at its finest. You better get in line!

Dresses: 1. Hot Tropic Striped Floral Dress, 2. Tropical Dream Bodycon Dress, 3. Print Mixer Bodycon Dress, 4. In Bloom Mesh Dress

Top: Exotic Tropic Cropped Top

Skirt: Exotic Tropic Skirt

Nauti Girl

Nauti Girl – A look that we always anticipate come spring and summer, even if we have no plans to set sail, is nautical, and with nautical of course come simple but sophisticated stripes. The look is one that returns again and again when the tides change, seeming to never go out of style, and we of course would have it no other way. For a seaside ensemble, stick with red, white, and blue (and maybe black and grey thrown in for good measure). And then it’s ahoy!

Dresses: 1. Striped Cut-Out Maxi Dress, 2. Simply Stripes Bodycon Dress, 3. Striped Cut-Out Maxi Dress, 4. Striped Racerback Bodycon Dress

Top: Forever Striped Cropped Top

Shoes: 1. Stripe Up A Conversation Wedges, 2. Stripe A Chord Espadrille Sandals

Bags: 1. Canvas Striped N Quilted Bag, 2. Slouchy Striped Drawstring Backpack, 3. Striped Canvas Clutch

Sheer Enough

Sheer Enough – Like mixed prints, another trend that is super now is the sheer mesh trend. But we especially love it when we see a series of sheer mesh insets all juxtaposed with a solid material for a striped effect. We are stripe connoisseurs, after all. The look is sexy without baring too-too much but still structural and huge on visual interest. Can you say strategically placed peekaboo? Like we said, classic, graphic, versatile, and chic. That’s why ya gotta love ‘em.

Dresses: 1. Stripe It Right Fit N Flare Dress, 2. Stripe It Rich Dress, 3. Play The Foil Mesh Inset Dress

Tops: 1. Sheer And Now Striped Mesh Top, 2. Caterpillar Striped Sweater

Skirt: Keep It Mesh A-Line Skirt

Swimsuit: Rocker Chic Swimsuit

Shoes: 1. Mesh Inset Combo Heels, 2. Lining Up Mesh Boots

Shop stripes and more at!

97437 95499 97169 97378 89981 91694 96882 94778 93329 97439 93710 94257 94706 96350 94839

Queen Of The Crop: How To Wear A Cropped Top (Without Showing Too Much Skin)

Lately, with the days getting longer (y’all did turn your clocks forward, right?), the hems, inevitably, are getting shorter, and we’re not just talking miniskirts and cut-off shorts. No, no, the same thing is happening up top, pun totally intended. Now while a cropped top may seem like a pretty body-restrictive garment (we don’t all have washboard abs, Zac Efron!), in reality it’s a lot more versatile than you think. You don’t actually need a flat tummy to wear the revealing piece. You know why? ‘Cause you don’t need to bare your belly at all.

Sure, the cropped top may have initially been created with a spring-break-woo-hoo type of look in mind, but it actually functions perfectly fine in the realm of everyday attire. You really can wear one anywhere/anytime, and you won’t even have to think about your little battle with the bulge. Don’t believe us? Well, we’ve put together some of our favorite ways to wear a cropped top without showing too much skin – the cream of the crop, if you will. Take a look. Maybe tonight you can skip some of those crunches and still be the queen of the crop.

Prep Talk
1. Semi-Sheer Button-Up Blouse, 2. Join The Panels Flared Denim Skirt, 3. Back In Straps Cropped Top

Prep Talk – Come on. Has Cher Horowitz ever steered us wrong? As if! So take a cue from the fashion-forward-even-back-in-the-nineties Clueless girls and wear your cropped top over a button-down blouse for that preciously preppy, put-together look. A splendid solution for that impossibly see-through button-up you haven’t been able to wear out yet, which will pair especially well with a top that has a little bit of structure.

High And Waisted

1. Satin Bra Top, 2. Pod Luck Dolman Sweatshirt Cardigan, 3. Totally Tartan High-Waisted Pencil Skirt

High And Waisted – A cropped top may leave your mid-section all out and about, but wear it with a high-waisted piece and your beautiful (or bountiful?) belly can go back into hiding. You, on the other hand, will be happy to show yourself off, since in this flattering silhouette you’ll be nothing but legs, baby. And that perfect, peekaboo sliver of skin that remains will have you looking like you just stepped off of a spring runway.

Take Up Arms
1. Cross Your Tee Cropped Top, 2. Slip Away Strappy Cami Maxi Dress

Take Up Arms – What do you do when you’re freezing your ass arms off in a sleeveless dress that you don’t want to cover up with a big ol’ jacket? Normally it’s a shrug to the rescue, right? But a long-sleeved cropped top can serve the exact same purpose. And we think this is even better since it can also provide some additional structural or decorative detail to the front, as is the case with the crossover top shown above.

Overall Winner
1. Painted Floral Cropped Top, 2. Acid Wash Overalls

Overall Winner – Another winning combination? Cropped tops and overalls. Jumpers really don’t allow you much bulk underneath, so the itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny cropped top is the perfect under-wear. The pinafore top (just a fancy way to say “apron”) gives you quite a bit of coverage up front while still letting you bare a little skin on the sides. Plus, a bright color or a blooming print can add some extra pop to your entire look.

One-Two Punch
1. Tied Together 4Ever Cropped Top, 2. Harnessed Surplice Dress

One-Two Punch – And finally, a cropped top can be worn over a dress for a convertible two-piece look. You’ll look like you’ve donned a shirt-skirt combo, but if you feel like an instant constume change, all you have to do is slip off the top. Talk about an easy transition from day to night! Choose a cropped top with some cool detailing to add a little sumpin’-sumpin’ to the dress underneath. And then voila! Queen of the crop.

Shop cropped tops and more at!

rung-number-ladder-sleeve-cropped-top-4 pretty-in-plaid-lace-trim-shell-top-484737-olive-91petal-perfection-cropped-tank-4 84093-ivory-39 pep-lum-talk-strappy-cropped-top-2  82415-fuchsia-91 good-sport-mesh-bustier-top-4 87791-coral-4896965-blackwhite-6 95114-neonorange-1 90813-ivory-91

How do you like to wear your cropped tops? We wanna know!

The 2014 Academy Awards: The Bests Of The Best

Star-studded selfie at Academy AwardsHollywood’s most glamorous night of the year survived a weekend of severe California weather (we know, we know, we’re little bitches when it comes to the rain) to go off without a hitch last night, much thanks to host Ellen DeGeneres, who filled an otherwise predictable evening (we called all the winners) with jokes and stunts that we’re still talking about today. The queen of daytime/nice showed us Edgy Ellen (embarrassing Jonah Hill and pissing off Liza Minnelli in the process), passed out scratchers as an Oscar consolation prize, and of course, took a selfie that will inevitably go down as one of the most star-studded in Twitter history. That pic obviously takes the cake for best selfie of the night, but it’s only one of several bests we laid our eyes upon. Here’s our take on the 86th Annual Academy Awards…

Best Red Carpet Color:  Blue

The winning color of the night has to go to the color blue, its cool but classic shade of navy swathed around Best Actress nominees Amy Adams and Sandra Bullock, who may have gone home empty-handed but would eventually take their places on this morning’s numerous Best Dressed lists. A softer and lighter hue, dubbed “Nairobi blue,” was the talk of the red carpet and still trending today, entering our fashion vernacular as an it-color, worn by an it-girl whom we’re giving a Best of her own.

Sandra Bullock on Oscars red carpet Amy Adams on Oscars red carpet

Best “Best Night Ever”: Lupita Nyong’o

The darling of this awards season and its plethora of red carpets has to be Lupita Nyong’o of Oscar-winning Best Film 12 Years A Slave, who scooped up her own Academy Award in a princess-worthy dress that immediately elicited comparisons to Cinderella. Fittingly, the then-newcomer-now-it-girl had herself a Cinderella night, dancing with Pharrell and tearfully accepting her big prize, all in a whimsical, sparkly headband that now has its very own Twitter page.

Lupita Nyong'o on Oscars red carpet

Best Dress You Didn’t See: Jennifer Lawrence

While she may have lost out to Lupita on the trophy, J-Law was still good ol’ J-Law. She did not disappoint and, in true J-Law fashion, continued her red carpet antics by photobombing her Hollywood colleagues and even taking a spill in her red peplum number that proved more GIF-able than last year’s little trip-up on the way to the podium. But the Best Supporting Actress nominee eventually survived the awards show and stunned later that night in a sheer mesh, mirrored, Tom Ford mini that really put the “party” in “after party.”

Jennifer Lawrence at Oscars after party

Best Photobomb: Benedict Cumberbatch

And speaking of photobombs, a good one can be hard to pull off. It delights us to no end that it’s become a favorite celebrity pastime. J-Law seems to do one on every red carpet, and last night she was joined by Bill Murray, Jared Leto, Portia De Rossi, etc. But fan favorite Benedict Cumberbatch is earning our title of best. The aerial position, the funny face, the sheer number of people affected… Yeah, we’d say you were the, Benedict.

Benedict Cumberbatch photobombs U2 on Oscars red carpet

The runners-up:

Bill Murray photobombs Selena Gomez at Oscars after party Jared Leto photobombs Anne Hathaway at Oscars after party Portia De Rossi photobombs Bono and Ellen DeGeneres at Oscars after party

Best Hair: Jared Leto

We all knew Jared Leto would snatch up the Best Supporting Actor Oscar. What we waited for with bated breath was to see what he would do with those magnificent locks of his. Thankfully he ditched his Golden Globes man-bun, which looked more like an afterthought from showering at the gym, letting his mane run free this time around. And that damn ombre put the rest of us to shame.

Best Impromptu Performance: Meryl Streep

No explanation necessary.Meryl Streep and Pharrell Williams dance at Academy Awards

Worst Impromptu Performance: John Travolta

Remember how smoooooth he was as Danny Zuko in Grease, one of our all-time favorite sing-a-long movies? Well, you’d think the movie musical legend would know better than to call Broadway diva and Frozen actress Idina Menzel “Adele Dazeem” before her performance of “Let It Go,” which would eventually win for Best Original Song. Travolta is lucky this is 2014 and not 2004, or he would have more than massage therapists on this tail (pun not intended but totally appreciated. Ha!). ‘Cause rabid Wicked fangirls are wayyyyy less forgiving.

Best Midnight Mid-Awards-Night Snack: Pizza

When Ellen promised her hungry A-list attendees a mid-show snack, no one knew she would actually deliver. And she did, literally. Brad Pitt passed out plates, Pharrell provided the ten-gallon donation hat, Harvey Weinstein chipped in two hundred dollars for the poor delivery guy (who had no idea when he started his shift that he’d be visiting millions of homes last night), and the celebs unapologetically chowed down, justifying the behavior of those of us doing the exact same thing from home.

Ellen DeGeneres and Jared Leto have pizza at Academy Awards Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have pizza at Academy Awards Corinne Foxx, Jamie Foxx, Channing Tatum, and Jenna Dewan-Tatum have pizza at Academy Awards

Check out the gallery below for more photos from the 2014 Academy Awards show, red carpet, and after parties…

Click here for a complete list of the 2014 Oscar winners! Who were the winners and losers in your opinion? We want to know! Best and worst dresses? Best and worst moments? Rant and rave away…

Photos courtesy of Yahoo! Movies, NY Daily News, Huffington Post, and E! Online

Wearable Masterpieces: Dress Like A Work Of Art

The question “Is fashion art?” has long been deliberated by fashion designers and art historians alike. As has the question “Does life imitate art, or does art imitate life?” While we do love ourselves a heated debate every once in a while (keeps life interesting, no?) the only side we will take for now is one that allows fashion to be appreciated for its visual beauty, even if its original purpose was simply to clothe.

As for the second question, we can only attest to the fact that sometimes fashion imitates art, whether intentional or inadvertent. Need proof? Check out the gallery below (in a more literal sense than usual) for pieces that remind us of some of our favorite artists and their most notable and powerful creations. Better yet, think of yourself as a work of art, and maybe put some of these wearable masterpieces on display.

Daybreak Watercolor Ombre Midi Dress

Claude Monet - Impression, Sunrise (1873)

Watercolor Ruffled Romper

Claude Monet - The Artist's Garden At Giverny (1900)

Go To Grid Lengths Mesh Inset Dress

Piet Mondrian - Trafalgar Square (1944)

Blurred Lines Trimmed Pencil Skirt

Piet Mondrian - Tableau No. 2 Composition No. V (1914)

Flower Delivery Organza Overlay Skirt

Jackson Pollock - The Deep (1953)

Watercolor Draped Maxi Dress

Jackson Pollock - The Key (1946)

Mix It Up Metallic Sweetheart Mini Dress

M.C. Escher - Smaller And Smaller (1956)

Mixed Harlequin Maxi Dress

M.C. Escher - Circle Limit II (1959)

Impressionism Printed Trousers

Vincent Van Gogh - The Starry Night (1889)

Come Into Bloom Ruffled Dress

Vincent Van Gogh - Bouquet Of Flowers In A Vase (1890)

Will Paint 4 Plaid Romper

Pablo Picasso - Seated Woman (1937)

Colorblock Strappy Platform Heels

Pablo Picasso - Weeping Woman (1937)

Inspired? Shop for more works of art!

Welcome To The Destruction Zone: 5 Must-Try Distressed Denim Styles

There’s nothing like a pair of blue jeans when you’re going for a cool, casual, carefree vibe, but how do you take it to a hole new level? Two words – distressed denim. Sure, it may have a distraught-sounding name, but today’s distressed denim is both deliberate and deliberately stress-free. You don’t need an X-Acto knife to achieve grunge chic; you can be holey-er-than-thou just by slipping into a pair as-is. That’s right – slits, shreds, and slashes galore without doing any of the slicing and dicing yourself. Today we’ve compiled a list of our favorite must-try distressed denim styles to welcome you to the destruction zone. Hope you’re ready to get a little torn up.

Parts And Recreation

1. Knee Bend Destroyed Jeans, 2. Thigh-High Cut-Out Distressed Jeans

Parts And Recreation – Cut-outs are all the rage right now, so it’s only fitting that our skinnies take a turn. These strategically placed openings can highlight certain body parts that may be too good to cover up, while their stringy, frayed accenting keeps them looking unintentional and therefore effortlessly chic.

Leggy Lady

1. So Destroyed Acid Wash Jeans, 2. Destroyed Acid Wash Jeans

Leggy Lady – You may need more than a shred of confidence to rock these skin-baring jeans, but once on? You don’t get any more badass than this. Frayed slits going all the way down the leg(s) provide peek-a-boos of skin that are the epitome of rock-and-roll glam, proving that even with pants on you can show off those stems.

Bleach Bunny

1. Distressed Bleached High-Waisted Jeans, 2. Holey Cow Bleached Jeans

Bleach Bunny – You may have had some unfortunate run-ins with bleach before, but we think it’s high time you washed those blues away (pun totally intended). Bleach washing, spotting, and staining add an organic, painting-like aesthetic and are the perfect partner to some light-to-medium distressing.

Meet Your Patch

1. Destroyed Acid Wash Jeans, 2. Spotted It Distressed Jeans

Meet Your Patch -  Play the patch game with printed lining, which adds punches of pattern and color and thus visual interest to otherwise monochromatic jeans. The mixed-media result is fashion-forward, unique, and an awesome alternative to jeans with an allover print.

Hole Lotta Leg

1. Hole Wide World Netted Jeans, 2. Hole Lotta Leg Acid Washed Jeans

Hole Lotta Leg – And finally, if reading all of the above you thought, “Patches? Light distressing? How ’bout some real destruction?” let us present you with the hole shebang. Whether you’re showing skin or peeks of it through mesh netting, the heavy demolition and sex appeal in these skinny jeans is sure to destroy the competition.

Shop distressed denim at!

What’s your favorite distressed denim style? We wanna know…

Damsel In Which Dress? Take The GoJane Dress Personality Quiz!

Dresses today definitely provide a dressing-to-kill girl with a plethora of options. You’ve got countless variations on skirts and bodices, prints and fabrics, sleeves and hemlines… So many silhouettes, so little time! It’s kinda hard to narrow down the choices, right? GoJane to the rescue! (Or should we say dresscue? No? Anyone? Fine, whatever.) If you’re wondering which style you should try first, why not take our mini quiz and find out? It’s super easy. Just go with the flow(chart), follow the yellow brick road arrows, and see which dress best fits your damsel profile.


Well? Which is it? We wanna know! And find out more about your dress style below…

TITLE - Shift

1. Geometric Play Laser Cut-Out Dress, 2. Back To Basics Shift Shirt Dress

The Shift Dress – You’re a little mysterious. You find clarity and restraint simply irresistable, and it translates into a chic, elegant style that leaves a lot to the imagination. Shift into gear with this straight-cut silhouette. The shift dress may focus less on your shape and more on clean lines, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a famously flattering silhouette, not to mention versatile enough to easily go from day to night and back again. Variations on the neckline and the hemline can hide problem areas while highlighting anything that needs to be highlighted. For a more modern take on the shift, try honeycomb cut-outs, metallic embellishments, or looped lattice sleeves.

TITLE - Cami

1. Slip Away Strappy Cami Maxi Dress, 2. Fit To A T-Back Cami Shift Dress

The Cami Dress - You’d wear your underwear out if it was socially respectable. Or your birthday suit if it was legally acceptable. No, you’re not an exhibitionist or some perv at the park. You’re just a free spirit, and the last thing you need is to be restrained by your clothes. Comfort is key, but it’s not like you’re forgoing style. It’s just an easy, breezy style. Literally. Enter the cami dress – the barely-there, too pretty to be under-wear, pull-on piece that helps you achieve your cool and carefree vibe. But don’t think cami dresses all have to be slip-like or boho chic. Just choose an unexpected print or a daring strappy back. Big impact, little to no effort. Easy cami, easy go!

TITLE - Peplum

1. Pep-lum Talk Dress, 2. Plunge Into Peplum Midi Dress

The Peplum Dress – You may err on the side of prim and proper, but it’s a side that’s not without a lot of sex appeal. And your style may be streamlined, but you can’t resist a little frill. The perfect blend of girly and womanly, it’s not hard to achieve pretty in peplum. The perfectly placed peplum can give the illusion of curves for those who need it but also hide a thicker middle for those who have it. We would suggest pairing the ladylike peplum dress with some edgy accessories for balance. Or you could just choose a peplum dress with some cool details, like a full-length zipper, a plunging neckline, or a metallic snakeskin fabric.

TITLE - Bodycon

1. Sweet And Simple Fitted Dress, 2. Ace Of Basic Bodycon Midi Dress

The Bodycon Dress – You’ve got it, girl, and you know it. (We’re singing that line to the tune of Drake’s Hold On, We’re Going Home. “You’ve got it, girl, and you know it…”) You want everyone else to know it too, and we ain’t mad at that. You got that gym membership for a reason, right? Most may be a little wary of the bodyhugging piece, but it’s actually easier than you think to rock your bodycon. The slinky, smoothing garment does its part to suck you in a bit, and whatever is left over is why Spanx were invented. Play with colors, cuts, and patterns to find the ones that best fit your curves. Hint: A mirrored print like this or this gives the illusion of an hourglass shape…

TITLE - Skater

1. Crossing Paths Skater Dress, 2. Textured Panel Skater Dress

The Skater Dress – You’s a flirt, girl. Or at least you like to dress like one. Sure, we’ll go with that. Because nothing is flirtier than the skater dress. You’re also fun and fresh and full of movement. Not unlike its namesake. Aptly named for the figure skating costume, the skater dress has become a closet staple of late, suiting (pun not intended) all ages, shapes, and sizes in the fashion world. You don’t have to be Michelle Kwan to do twirls in those full flared skirts, either. Add some grown-up design to the girlish silhouette with a more substantial fabric or some lace insets and cool straps. Inspired? Get to shopping! We’ll see you skater.

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It’s A Mad Plaid World: Ways To Wear Tartan

As classic as blue jeans and as essential as an LBD, the plaid shirt is a universal piece that belongs in every closet, whether the owner of that closet is man, woman, child, or stylish beast. The pattern itself is time-honored and perenially trendy, continually showing its pretty face on runways as that season’s “latest” craze.

With the way we feel about prints in general (uh, love them, duh), you best believe we’re mad for plaid over here, but we also understand how balancing the intricate, multi-hued pattern with anything other than a pair of jeans can seem like a daunting task. In reality, plaid is as versatile as it is trusty. Here we take a flannel button-up and show you some of our favorite ways to wear tartan…

Lumber Jane

1. 23 Flannel Plaid Button-Up Shirt, 2. Lace Base Mary Jane Pumps, 3. Denim Cut-Out Grommet Dress, 4. Animal Kingdom Clutch, 5. All Knit Up Pom-Pom Beanie

Lumber Jane – Flannel may be part of the lumberjack uniform, but you can take the Brawny Man out of plaid by pairing it with girlier items, like lace and tulle, or by choosing something with a flirty silhouette (a cropped top and peplum skirt would definitely do the trick).

Play Peekaboo

1. 23 Flannel Plaid Button-Up Shirt, 2. Waffle Stitch Crew Neck Sweater, 3. High-Waisted Distressed Jeans, 4. Spiked Cap Toe Flats, 5. Perfectly Perforated Handbag

Play Peekaboo – Not ready to be as clad in plaid as Cher and Dionne in Clueless? Use your tartan shirt as a layering piece, or just find some plaid accessories. Add visual interest to any outfit by incorporating a plaid scarf, finishing it with foldover boots, or simply by letting your collar and cuffs come out to play.

Out And About

1. 23 Flannel Plaid Button-Up Shirt, 2. Button Up Denim Dress, 3. Ladder Strap Platform Wedges, 4. Jeweled Mosaic Bangle Set, 5. Double Zippered Faux Leather Wristlet

Out And About – Button it up and you have a shirt, but what have you got if you leave it open? Outerwear! The flannel shirt can also be an easy throw-on jacket, which, as well as color and print, wraps you in a little warmth. (Of course you could always go with some actual plaid outerwear.)

Tie One On

1. 23 Flannel Plaid Button-Up Shirt, 2. Satin Bra Top, 3. Quilted Cropped Bomber Jacket, 4. Acidic High-Waisted Shorts, 5. Zipping Around Combat Boots

Tie One On – The easiest way to wear plaid? Simply tie a shirt around your waist. The look is relaxed and effortless, not to mention grunge chic, and once again you get that color and pattern injected into your look. But if that’s still too much work? Go with faux! Yeah. We did that.

Pattern Maker

1. 23 Flannel Plaid Button-Up Shirt, 2. Sparkly Boucle Cropped Top, 3. Camouflage Denim Shorts, 4. Chain Of Heart Charm Necklace, 5. In Combat Textured Boots

Pattern Maker – Sure, plaid can pack a punch, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t play well with others. Don’t be afraid to let it mingle. A classic print like tartan is practically a solid and can stand the test of cohabitation. Match colors, vary scales, and you’re sure to find something that works.

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23 Flannel Plaid Button-Up Shirt Keep Tabs Combat Boots Tartan Plaid Cut-Out Dress Tartan Cropped TopLong Run Faux Fur Trim Jacket Plaid Rush Wire Headband Faux Leather Full Combat Boots Furry Windowpane VestPretty In Plaid Lace Trim Shell Top Tie It Up Plaid Skirt Crisscross Cropped Sweater Mad Plaid World Fringe Scarf 01Lace-Up Leather Combat Boots Highland Tartan Skirt Rad In Plaid Leggings Check Pashmina ScarfQuilted Tartan Bomber Jacket Raving Plaid Knee-High Socks Mad For Plaid Skinnies Tartan Cuff Military BootsMad For Plaid Crinkled Scarf Tartan Peplum Skirt Wide Open Arms Lounge Pants Brushed Flannel Plaid Scarf

What’s your favorite way to rock plaid? We wanna know…

Inspiration Gallery: Shirt Happens

Even though we’re only into January, we here at GoJane already have our collective eye on what’s coming our way this spring (especially since in SoCal winter lasts like a day). If the Spring 2014 runways are any indication of what’s to come – and they are – the placket is making a racket, and the button-down dress shirt is transitioning from classic menswear staple to chic fashion superstar. (Alexander Wang’s morning-after take on it is seriously everywhere.)

Fashionistas have already taken to the streets with their love of the versatile business casual essential, and as you can see from this gallery, they’re putting their individual twists on it (sometimes literally) both as a stand-alone article and as a trusty layering piece. This compilation should serve as a How To Wear and inspire you to button up too, even on days when you don’t have a job interview. Wherever you are off to, here’s hoping you get your shirt together.

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Fall In Lines Cuffed ShirtMellow High-Low Buttoned Blouse

Laced Is More Button-Up BlouseStriped Semi-Sheer Blouse

Hide And Seek Camo BlouseZippy Mandarin Collar Blouse

High-Low Hankie Hem BlouseFloral Garden Chiffon Blouse

Keep your shirt on! Click here for more blouses and button-ups.

And don’t forget to comment below! Which look is your favorite? We want to know…

Happy Birthday, Aaliyah!

For those of us who grew up in the 90s Aaliyah was it. We coveted her cool but sexy style, we practiced the dance moves from her videos, and oh, man. Those abs. We wanted those abs.

The R&B princess ruled into the early 2000s with her seductive street style and silky, soulful vocals. And even though she was only 22 when she passed, she left a lasting imprint on the music industry, with lines from her most iconic numbers still being interpolated into today’s big hits (‘Cause I really need somebody, tell me are you that somebody…) and modern artists still citing her influence as inspiration. (As evidenced by Drake’s tattoo, love letter, earpiece, etc. Yeah, the boy’s got it bad. Look it up.)

The urban pop princess and Romeo Must Die actress was a bona fide triple threat, but we wonder now if the lithe trendsetter had supernatural style-predicting powers too among her other talents, as so many of her looks and pieces (cropped tops, leather pants, moto jackets, animal prints, body chains…) are still relevant, even hot, in present day fashion. Today would have been Aaliyah’s 35th birthday, so join us in celebrating the One In A Million singer, actress, and fashion icon. Happy birthday, Aaliyah!

Photos courtesy of Clash, Clutch, Hype, and Last FM

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2 Become 1 Pants X Appeal Faux Leather Bra Top X Appeal Crossover Cropped Top

Such A Softie Hooded JacketBengal Tiger Lounge Pants Band Of Sleeves Faux Fur Jacket

Shine On Zippy Leggings When In Roman Numerals NecklaceContrast Trim Bustier Top 

R U Armed Cold Shoulder Cropped Top Zipped Faux Leather Joggers One Shoulder Cropped Top

Boys Club Moto Jacket Contrast Faux Leather Drop Crotch Pants Mixed Media One Shoulder Dress

The 2014 Golden Globes: Trends In High Places

The 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards were an action- and fashion-packed affair helmed last night by besties – and now trusty hosting duo – Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. From Aaron Paul’s “Yeah, bitch!” to Emma Thompson’s bare feet and martini, the awards night earned its reputation as the biggest Hollywood party of the year, full of laughs, lauds, and of course looks.

What we cared about most? The fashion, obvi! Which turned out to be not-so-obvi. The only sure thing about this year’s fashion roundup is that there were way more wild cards than sure things, with multiple stars landing simultaneously on Best and Worst Dressed lists, their gowns a mixed bag of style, shade, and silhouette. Here are a few trends we gathered from last night’s red carpet and some key pieces from each that we think are worth a second-day look…

Red Zone

Emma WatsonSince the Golden Globes seem to deliver that kind of lighthearted, party atmosphere, some like to debate just how casual or formal one has to dress for this event to still hover in the realm of appropriate. Could an actress ever wear, say, pants to the show? Emma Watson says yes, and so do we, if the look is anywhere as stunning as hers. Watson wore a Dior silk crepe gown with a front slit which turned around to reveal a center strap, completely open back, and — surprise! — navy cigarette pants. It had a chic, effortless, modern-day Audrey Hepburn feel and must have been one of the most comfortable ensembles of the night.

Lupita Nyong’oA sprinkler mishap may have flooded the red carpet yesterday afternoon, but some of the actresses in attendance created their own crimson tide. One scarlet starlet who will only appear in the Best Dressed column (we’d put money on it) is Hollywood newcomer Lupita Nyong’o, nominated for her role in 12 Years A Slave. Nyong’o cemented her position as fashion it-girl with a flawless awards night performance in a standout of a dress that even stood the test of a carpet in the same shade. The sleek, cloaked, off-the-shoulder number by Ralph Lauren has us all wanting to join her on her caped crusade.

Julia Louis-DreyfusFrom up-and-coming to someone who has come and seen and is still conquering — TV and film double nominee Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Narciso Rodriguez. The funnywoman may have turned 53 today (happy birthday!), but her toned arms, shown off by her halter gown, seem to say otherwise. And she was a ceremony highlight, providing comic relief from below the stage as her fellow female SNL alums lovingly poked at her from above. (We’re betting hoping she was the only one who smoked an e-cigarette and ate a hot dog at the tables last night.)

Gleam Come True

Olivia WildeWith the glitz and glam of a Hollywood awards night, a little sparkle is inevitable, and these stars decided to shine, shine, shine. Olivia Wilde, who can do no wrong in our book (Jason Sudeikis, anyone?), took us to Emerald City and stunned in a glittery, bump- and body-hugging sequined Gucci gown, which was embroidered in crystals and included a low scoop back. It was the perfect color against her ombre hair, left loose and luscious, and proved that a mostly covered-up mom-to-be could still be the sexiest siren in the room.

Zooey DeschanelUnfortunately for Zooey Deschanel, who we can always expect to add a vintagey vibe to the red carpet, sparkle could not save her matchy-matchy Oscar De La Renta ensemble. The glittery tulle of her tea-length skirt may seem like the stuff of fairies and pixie dust, but paired with her embroidered cropped top and similarly embellished shoes, its effect is simultaneously childish and matronly, more so than anything worn by the expectant mothers in attendance.

Michelle DockerySimilarly colored Michelle Dockery also went with a sparkly, pale, Oscar De La Renta look with a high-low hem that’s tea-length in the front, but where Deschanel misses, Dockery delivers. The Downton Abbey star allows her dress to shine by keeping her ensemble clean and simple, going necklace-less and choosing shimmery satin pumps to peek out from under her skirt. The princessy end result is exquisite.

It Doesn’t Matter If You’re Black Or White

Cate BlanchettTrendy colors may come and go on the red carpet, but black and white remain classic choices, and as seen last night, winning ones. Regal beauty and awards show frequenter Cate Blanchett picked up her third Golden Globe in a delicate but striking Armani Prive dress, looking gorgeous and ethereal in the intricate floral lace gown and emitting both old and new Hollywood glamour.

Jennifer LawrenceJennifer Lawrence may have gone home with another acting accolade last night, but her Christian Dior couture gown was not a complete winner. Even though the fittingly statuesque starlet could wear a garbage bag and still look good, it doesn’t mean she should, and her full white dress has since brought on comparisons to numerous household items, namely Hefty bags, tissues, and coffee filters. What we did love? Getting to see her beautiful shoulders, bared by her strapless neckline and short, boyish haircut.

Amy PoehlerFirst-time winner Amy Poehler also found black and white to be a lucky color combo when she won for Best Actress In A Comedy Or Musical after a massage and makeout sesh with Bono. (And the best thing about her winning? Tina Fey’s subsequent subtle little F-you to Taylor Swift.) Poehler may have stopped the show with her comedy (like her bit as Fey’s disgruntled teenage son, who wore Justin Bieber’s old haircut), but the real showstopper was the dress she wore entering the event — a belted, asymmetrical, cut-out number by Stella McCartney.

Colorblock Party

Amy AdamsAnother Amy who had a great night was Amy Adams, donning a flowy, two-toned Marchesa gown with an open back and a pluuuuunging ruby bodice not unlike the risque necklines sported for her award-winning role in seventies crime dramedy American Hustle. While the breezy attitude of the dress and jewelry was a breath of fresh air (love the extra long, strategically placed, dangling diamond pendant) the hair might have been a smidge too…prom. DIY prom updo, to be exact.

Sandra BullockGravity star and Best Actress nominee Sandra Bullock didn’t win as many good reviews in her tri-colored, candy-hued, and apparently wrinkle-prone Prabal Gurung dress, which featured a deep-V neckline and a full, high-low skirt complete with pink lining. Perhaps if she had dismissed the high-low hem, the look would have been more colorblock confection and less Mad Hatter tea party. The Oscar-winning actress deserves better, and we’re hoping to see it come Oscar night.

Julia RobertsAlso going for a two-toned look but not faring well at all was another Oscar winner, Julia Roberts, nominated at the Golden Globes for her role in play-turned-movie August: Osage County. We’re not sure why she decided to tuck a stuffy collared shirt underneath an otherwise polished Dolce & Gabbana dress (is she back to not shaving?), but it looked more like a piece from the awards show closet of Meryl Streep, who we all know can do whatever she wants and who this time smartly opted to go, well, shirtless.

Check out the gallery below for more photos from the 2014 Golden Globes and after parties…

Click here for a complete list of the 2014 Golden Globe winners! Who were the winners and losers in your opinion? We want to know! Best and worst dresses? Best and worst moments? Rant and rave away…

Photos courtesy of Huffington Post, NY Daily News, and E! Online

Think Outside The Boss

Tomorrow, October 16th, is National Boss’s Day, and while we’re all for observing the holiday (we have some literate great bosses here at GoJane who may read the blog deserve some thanks), we’re even more in favor of celebrating those of you who are thinking, talking, and living like a boss.

This is for all you think-for-yourself-ers out there. Who are in control. Who know and handle your shit. You take charge; you’re not given it. Or anything else for that matter. You speak and do with authority, and you can hold your own against all the Anna Wintours, Mr. Burnses, Donald Trumps, and Michael Scotts in the world, because ultimately you answer to yourself.

So maybe get your boss a “World’s Best Boss” mug for tomorrow, but definitely get yourself a little something with your name on it. Go on. Do it. Show ‘em who’s the boss of you.


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