Dressed To The Nineties: The 25th Anniversary Of Saved By The Bell

Brrrrriiiiing! When we wake up in the morning and the alarm gives out a warning, we just wanna watch some Saved By The Bell...♪ We really hope you got that reference, because it was only thee best opening credits song to thee best teen sitcom EVER IN LIFE. And this week marks the 25th anniversary of its first airing. There’s a reason why this show is still on TV today. It defined a generation! And that generation, unfortunately, is feeling pretty old right about now. But not to fret, time fashion heals all wounds, and we’ve rounded up some of the Bayside gang’s most iconic looks and pieces, along with their modern-day counterparts. (Either fashion is a never-ending cycle, or these guys were really ahead of their time!) Whatever your age, right now it’s pretty cool to be dressed to the nineties…

Zack's Blazers

1. Contrast Trim Cropped Blazer, 2. Bold Babe Contrast Flyaway Blazer, 3. Curve Back Blazer, 4. Faux Leather Mixed Media Blazer

Zack’s Blazers – How do you know when it’s gonna be a good episode? Zack is in a blazer. Palm Springs? Blazer. Mystery weekend? Blazer. Zack Attack? Glitter blazer. While it’s less prevalent these days for guys to don a suit jacket just to go out to dinner, us girls have picked up that slack with blazers of our own. But Zack’s suits, much like his cell phones, always seemed a little too big and boxy, so we’re kinda glad that our modern versions are shorter, snugger, more streamlined…basically more suit-able for girls to wear. Bonus: The lighter fabrics let us roll those sleeves up. You know, a la Zack Morris.

Kelly's Cropped Tops

1. Hello Midriff Scoop Back Cropped Top, 2. Sweetheart Talk Me Surplice Cropped Tank, 3. Spotted In Dots Cropped Top, 4. Road Colorblock Cropped Tank, 5. Ka-Bloom Floral Cropped Top

Kelly’s Cropped Tops – Kelly Kapowski may have been the girl next door, but she also had a bod and belly-baring style that you would kill thy neighbor for. It’s no wonder Zack and Slater (and later that homewrecking cheater Jeff!) had her on top of their dream girl list. She usually paired her cropped tops with high-waisted shorts, which is pretty much how we’re loving to style it today. Who knew the volleyball-playing homecoming queen also had some fashion chops? And all those years we were led to believe Lisa was the fashionable one of the group.

Slater's Acid Wash

1. Throwback Acid Wash Skort, 2. Gathered Acid Wash Denim Dress, 3. Draped Acid Wash Hooded Vest, 4. Be Square Distressed Denim Shorts, 5. Precious Cargo Acid Wash Joggers

Slater’s Acid Wash – You would think being set in the nineties that there would have been more acid wash on Saved By The Bell, but there really wasn’t. When it was there though, it was on AC Slater. Did Slater even own pants that weren’t acid wash and a little roomy in the middle? Well, acid wash has made a huuuuuge comeback of late, and we love it so much we’d probably be willing to wrestle him for it. Slater may come off a little misogynistic at times, but we’re pretty sure he’s not really a pig. So we’re hoping he would just give it up and say “You got it, Mama.” Thanks, Bubba!

Jessie's Headbands

1. Three-Strand Metallic Braid Headband, 2. Puffy Paint Splatter Extra Wide Headband, 3. Double-Strand Braided Cord Headband, 4. Wide Zigzag Headband

Jessie’s Headbands – As class president and resident bookworm, Jessie Spano’s style was a little more reserved than her girlfriends, but we all knew she had a wild streak in her. Just look at the girl’s hair! It was big and curly and amazing, and one way she kept it in line was with her plethora of headbands. (Who has time to do hair when there’s so much styrofoam to protest?) They added a bit of color and texture to whatever she was wearing that day. And if that’s not something to sing about, we don’t know what is. Sing what, you ask? Obvi. “I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m so…”

Lisa's Rainbow

1. Tip To Toe Shiny Accent Pointy Flats, 2. Traffic Colorblock Clear Inset Heels, 3. Point Well Taken Stiletto Heels,  4. Contrasting Triangulated Platform Pumps

Lisa’s Rainbow – Lisa Turtle had a map of the mall in her locker and once ordered a drink just because it matched her dress. So it’s not surprising that the aspiring fashion designer took the most sartorial risks of the group, one of those being wearing every color in the rainbow. Like, all at once. Like, all on one sleeve. So we’re pretty sure Lisa would be all over the multi-colored geometric print above, and you better bet she would get one in each style with her daddy’s credit card. ‘Cause if anyone knows that you need a different shoe for every occasion, it’s obviously Lisa.

Zack's Blue Stripes


1. Clear The Way Strappy Striped Wedges, 2. Stripe A Pose Mixed Media Wedges, 3. Stripe A Match Cropped Tank Top, 4. Striped Bandage Skater Skirt, 5. Paneled ‘N Striped Skinny Pants

Zack’s Blue StripesZacky may have dressed up in blazers for special occasions, but most days he was in tees, rugby shirts, and button-ups (tucked into his jeans of course, which were tucked into his high-tops of course). And boy, did the golden boy wear a lot of blue and a lot of stripes. There’s something about a blue stripe that paints the picture of a comfortable lifestyle, no? Maybe because of the nautical or royal vibe it evokes, so it definitely fit his All-American, surfer dude, heartthrob image. Will may have been the Prince of Bel-Air, but Preppy was definitely the Prince of Pacific Palisades.

Kelly's Floral Dresses

1. Rosy Outlook Striped Bodycon Dress, 2. Frond And Center Tropical Tube Dress, 3. Rosy Bouquet Crisscrossed Dress, 4. Flowers 4 U Sleeveless Bodycon Dress, 5. Paradise Found Tropical Floral Dress

Kelly’s Floral Dresses – Kelly, as we are finding out, was pretty on point fashion-wise (the blown-out bangs, not so much), because she was also all about the floral minidress. Can’t you just see yourself in her back-then dresses and, vice versa, her in today’s bodycons? The simple silhouette has stayed the same, but if we were one of her BFFs, we would probably suggest some add-ons like lace/mesh insets and some take-aways like belly/back cut-outs. We have a feeling the Tigers’ head cheerleader would be totally “D-O-W-N!” down for that.

Slater's Muscle Tees

1. Love You To Shreds Slashed Tank Top, 2. Disobey Graphic Muscle Tank, 3. Camo A Long Way Muscle Bodysuit, 4. Off Duty Cropped Muscle Tank, 5. Basic Muscle Bodysuit

Slater’s Muscle Tees – Aside from acid wash, AC was known mostly for (showing off) his muscles. Albert Clifford personified “Sun’s out, guns out” before it was even a thing. He was never not flexing (yeah, his biceps were that defined). And he probably wanted to wear a sleeveless tux to Zack and Kelly’s wedding. We’ve taken a page out of the football player’s playbook, and today we’re exercising our right to bare arms (and maybe a little side-boob while we’re at it) in muscle tees, muscle bodysuits, muscle maxi dresses… But whatever we wear probably still won’t be as revealing as that little maroon number he calls his wrestling uniform.

Jessie's Vests

1. Open Flyaway Duster Vest, 2. Floral Crochet High-Low Vest, 3. Distressed Out Denim Vest, 4. Draped Acid Wash Hooded Vest

Jessie’s Vests – Jessie was no slouch in the beauty department. In fact, her bod was probably the most bangin’ and bodacious of the bunch, even if she didn’t wear a bathing suit for the Miss Bayside pageant. But instead of cropped tops and short skirts, she stuck to full-coverage items like blouses and high-waisted jeans (also very in right now, by the way) and then covered up even more with her favorite outerwear – the vest. She wouldn’t be Stansbury material if she didn’t stick to her principles, so if we met Jessie today, we wouldn’t try to change her. We’d just give her a little update.

Lisa's Hats

1. Banded Woven Fedora, 2. Floral Print Fedora, 3. Chain Trimmed Wide Brim Hat, 4. Ribbon Accent Wool Fedora, 5. Wide Brim Wool Hat

Lisa’s Hats – A designer diva like Lisa could handle anything fashion- or shopping-related. (Who else woulda found that Elvis statue from Screech’s  house? Or put together that fashion show to impress the FIT recruiter?) So it comes as no surprise that she pulls off pretty much any hat there is. Or that she owns pretty much every hat there is. The girl is all about outfit coordination. She doesn’t just put on clothes; she thinks about the earrings, lip color, belt, shoes, and, to top it all off, hat that goes with those clothes. Because she knows you can’t just put on a leather jacket and call it a day. TORI.

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Acid Wash