7 Camo Pieces That’ll Have You Rising In The Ranks

Camo has come a long way, from actual army attire to popular perennial print. Nowadays it’s no longer under the radar, popping up everywhere and on everything from shirt pockets to full-body jumpsuits. But what’s one difference between the camo you would wear at boot camp and the camo you would wear, say, boot shopping? Well, the former has you blending in, while the latter will keep you standing out. So whether you’re a real army brat or a pretend platoon princess, here are seven camo pieces that’ll have you rising in the fashion ranks. We wouldn’t be surprised if soon you were first in command…


1. Blend In Camo Infinity Scarf, 2. Painted Camouflage Print Canvas Belt, 3. Bow My Goodness Camo Print Bandeau, 4. Boot Camp Bikini Briefs, 5. Camo A Long Way Muscle Bodysuit, 6. Camouflage Front Paneled Snapback, 7. Blend In Camo Zipper Accent Pants

 1. Blend In Camo Infinity Scarf – There’s nothing like a scarf to take clothes in an outfit from simply worn together to stunningly put together, and a camo scarf is no exception. With the draped, effortless silhouette of an infinity scarf, the camo print is abstract and sophisticated, adding a painted punch to any ensemble.

2. Painted Camouflage Print Canvas Belt – If you’re trying to be as sparing with your camo as you would with your rations, a canvas belt is the perfect thing. The thin strip of print will be the perfect amount of cheeky interest to a rest of an outfit that is kept sleek and simple.

3. Bow My Goodness Camo Print Bandeau – Is there anything in the fashion world more fun and flirty than the bow bandeau? And nothing would provide as much contrast with the macho military print as this girly (but gutsy) novelty. We love the juxtaposition. Bow my goodness, indeed.

4. Boot Camp Bikini Briefs – What’s the farthest thing from boot camp? Probably frolicking on the beach in a bikini. Which is why we’re loving the camo on these itty-bitty briefs. With the majority of bathing suits (especially in summer) leaning toward colorful brights, this would be a delightfully daring distinction.

5. Camo A Long Way Muscle Bodysuit – A muscle tee probably wouldn’t be a scarce find among a troop, but a muscle bodysuit? That’s a different story. This deep-cut silhouette is already new enough, but add in the camo print? You’ll be in a league corps of your own.

6. Camouflage Front Paneled Snapback – A piece that does double-duty? We’d welcome it to our fashion brigade. The printed snapback is perfect for those days (bad hair days, walk of shame days, slept through the alarm days, etc.) when your hair could use a little coverage and your look could use a little cool.

7. Blend In Camo Zipper Accent Pants – Be all you can be in these pretty paneled pants. While the print is clearly camo, the design is decidedly moto, and we’re loving the addition of zippers at the hips and ankles for that little bit of edge. Sorry, but you’re not gonna be blending in in these. Deal with it, soldier.

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