A Case For Palazzo Pants

Is hot weather making you a miserable, sweaty mess? (Ugh!) Sure, summer is the prime season for shorts, but not all of us have Cara Delevingne’s thigh gap. So we’ll have to make do with getting rid of chafing and swass (that’s swamp-ass) with stylish panache. Enter our savior: palazzo pants.

Wide, lightweight, breathable, and ultra comfy. Who’s excited to wear socially acceptable pajamas out in public? *Raises hand* So, have we convinced you yet?

Three Tips:

  • Try them out with a cropped top for a leg lengthening silhouette.
  • Pair them with a button-up shirt and blazer for a sleek update.
  • Tuck in slouchy tees or tanks for waist definition.

Check out our GoJane palazzo pant picks below:

Palazzo Pants

 1. Wide Leg Pants, 2. Contrast Zigzag Split Palazzo Pants, 3. Floral Lace Inset Flared Pants, 4. Chiffon Wide Leg Trousers, 5. Palm Print Palazzo Pants, 6. Grecian Getaway Palazzo Pants, 7. Palazzo Print-cess Lounge Pants

And we can’t leave you hanging without something for the top half of your look, so we’ve included our favorite tops to pair with the palazzo pants above:

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So, enlighten us, how do you beat the heat? We could use a few tips. Sound off in the comments below!