What’s in your bag?

A woman’s bag is the Holy Grail, and getting a new bag, especially one you’ve been coveting, is basically all of the best parts of a birthday rolled into one. One could argue that it’s only something to hold all of your stuff, right? Isn’t that what we always hear from our boyfriends? Really, another bag? No! It’s not just another bag. Pfft.

Bags are tools, and we have to have one for each specific occasion and mood. (Same goes for shoes. Yes, we’re enablers.) Hey, if your husband or man-friend doesn’t swing with this argument, you can tell him to go fly a kite, and also get rid of his tool collection which is probably gathering dust in the garage. Take that!

We’ve rounded up a couple of examples because we’re nosy. Go ahead and snoop around our displays below.


Exhibit A – The Backpack:

So you’re a student and running around on campus all day? A backpack is in order. Stow your laptop, books, and paper ephemera to make your day easier. Don’t forget snacks. Those mid-class hunger pangs are no joke. A hungry stomach only induces “hanger” (hungry anger) which is never helpful when taking notes.



Tribal Travel Print Backpack, iPhone, Postalco Notebook, Textbooks, MacBook Air, Headphones

Exhibit B – Beach Day Tote:

You’ve put in your dues, and a day spent by the water (pool, ocean, lake) complete with your favorite tunes and a giant bottle of organic green juice is what you deserve. (Okay, we wouldn’t say no to a mojito either.) Throw in a towel, sunscreen (just say no to sunspots, wrinkles, or cancer), your fave magazines, headphones, and sunnies for a day of relaxation.



Floppy Wide Brim Woven Paper Hat, NYX Tango With Bronzing Powder, Oversized Beach Totebag, Round We Go Sunglasses, Button ‘N Buckle Thong Sandals

Exhibit C – Evening Clutch:

Heading out to have some cocktails with the ladies (or your special dude)? There’s nothing worse than digging around in a satchel while the bartender gives you the evil eye. Plus, who needs a big bag weighing down a svelte look? Keep it minimal with crucial necessities. In this case, moola, your phone, lipstick (for touch-ups), and gum (bad breath is a social faux pas nobody is on board with).



 Bow ‘N Quilted Clutch, NYX Powder Foundation, NYX Lipstick, CA$H, Gum Of Your Choice

Sooooo, what’s in your bag? Let us know in the comments below!