Microtrend: Summer Shorts


From left to right: Sporty French Terry Shorts, Acid Wash Jogger Shorts, Knit Denim Cut-Off Shorts, Neon Of Ur Business Shorts

Sun worshippers, rejoice! With the summer season in full swing, your favorite warm-weather microtrend of the year is officially back and ready for action. Yup, we’re talking about a pair of leg-lengthening, gam-glowin’, booty-poppin’ summertime shorts. Whether you prefer basic or printed, lightweight or denim, high-waisted or low-rise, one thing is for sure… The outfit possibilities are endless! (Not to mention, your legs will be thanking you for the much-needed exposure). But before you go baring those sexy stems of yours all over town…

Keep in mind our list of dos and don’ts when wearing a pair of summertime shorts:

  1. Do try ‘em in white. You don’t have much time to wear white during the 365 days of the year, so if you’re not much of a white pants kind of girl, take a risk and try a pair of shorts in white (or any other bold color or print for that matter).
  2. Don’t wear ‘em too short. So you’ve been squeezing in an extra set of squats at the gym? Good for you. But if your shorts are as short as your skivvies… Well, you might want to add a couple more inches to your inseam. Trust us, you don’t want to attract that kind of attention.
  3. Do consider a tan. To each his own on this tip, but a little color never hurt anyone, #justsayin. Plus, it’s a great excuse to lay out by the pool all day, don’t you think? Just don’t forget the SPF!
  4. Don’t wear knee-length footwear.  We totally get that you love to make a fashion statement where ever you go. But wearing shorts with tall footwear, like knee-high boots, tend to make one’s legs appear, well… short. (Yeah, that’s one word we don’t want used to describe our stems either). The only exception? Gladiator sandals!
  5. Do dress ‘em up. When the sun goes down and it’s #GNO, feel free to slip on a blouse and a light jacket atop your shorts and finish the outfit off with a pair of heels. We know you love your #LBDs and skinnies for nights like these, but you and everyone around you will appreciate the refreshing look.

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