Tuesday Tunes: 5 Up-And-Coming Female Rappers

We’re pretty sure you’re familiar with a lot of lady rappers, but what about some new and upcoming faces? Music is an integral part of our work environment (yay!), and spinning catchy tunes is our jam. Check out these super raw and talented female rappers.

1) Angel Haze

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

She is twenty-two, has collaborated with Macklemore and Ludacris, and is currently dating Ireland Baldwin. Yes, that Baldwin, but don’t let it distract you from her super sharp lyrics, crunchy beats, and catchy hooks.


2) Dominique Young Unique

Also known as Dominique Lashawn Clark, she’s a runway model (we totally Googled pics – super hawt) who recently got signed to Sony Records. From the projects to recording artist… We’d say that’s a pretty sweet deal.


3) Awkwafina

For the curious, her real name is Nora Lum, and she’s known for her satirical and comical lyrics. You gotta love a chick who is down with her own goofiness. Watch her music video, and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about. #adorable


4) Jean Grae

South African born Grae was formerly known as What? What? and now operates out of New York. We love her sophisticated rhymes and clever storytelling lyrics. Her Gotham Down trilogy is fantastic, and we urge you to check out her hysterical web series “Life With Jeannie.”


5) Ruby Ibarra

Source: Anna Q. Photography

Source: Anna Q. Photography

This Bay Area raised Filipina rapper and spoken word artist uses her bilingual skills to tell stories in English and Tagalog. We love that she spans an ocean to create her own identity as an artist. Please don’t stop reppin’ Asian American/API artists.


All image credits in captions.

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