Man Crush Monday: Alexander Masson (AKA The French/Colombian Jeebus, Your Future Baby Daddy, & The Dreadlock Hunksta)

Oh. Good. Laaaaawd. Thank you, J.Lo, for bringing this man into our lives. If it wasn’t for your thirsty hazel eyes picking this hunky hottie out of a crowd of beautiful male models for your latest video, we might have never known such magnificence existed. (Everyone, please give Ms. Lopez a round of applause!)

We don’t know much about him because he is a recent discovery in the industry. (But this is one topic we don’t mind spending hours and hours researching at the library in the privacy of our own bedrooms.) We may not have a ton of dirt on this scruffy bae, but we’ll give you what we do know. It’s our public duty.

He was born in Virginia, later moved to France, and now resides in Miami. Alexander got his big break as a sexy drummer boy in a video which featured J.Lo, Adrenalina. He must have made quite an impression on Jennifer because she cast him in her most recent video, I Luh Ya Papi. He has since signed with an agency and is now a legit represented model.  He’s just starting this beautiful career of his, and we wish him the very best!

Now excuse us while we go try and convince our CEO that we should create a men’s line…just so we can cast this beautiful Adonis. Hey, Alexander, GoJane wants you. We want you sooooooo bad.

All photos courtesy of Instagram and bienaimeagency.


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