Happy World Sauntering Day: Celebrate With The Cutest Walking Shoes Ever!


GoJane Lookbook

So what exactly is World Sauntering Day? Today celebrates the slow motion beauty of life. It reminds us to just take a chill pill, calm the F down, and enjoy the simpler things in life…like taking a nice stroll along the beach. See our beautiful model sauntering along the  moonlit beach? Doesn’t that look like something you’d be really good at? But you’re asking, “GoJane, how on earth does one saunter? Is that like when you’ve been sitting in a sauna longer than the recommended 20 minutes and you come staggering out like a wounded grizzly bear?” Ummmm…not quite. To saunter means to “walk in a slow, relaxed manner, without hurry or effort…” And that’s exactly what we want you to do today. So take off those heels (albeit super gorgeous), slip on some comfy (yet super chic and trendy) flats, and follow us to Chill Ville.

Chill Ville, where teddy bears and wildflowers dance to mushroom jazz and houses are made out of cotton candy and dreams…

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