Let’s Talk Dresses & Jewelry!

So who went out this past weekend? Cool, cool. And who looked hot as hell while they were out? Okay, okay, we see some hands out there. Well, who didn’t like their outfits as much as they thought they would? Mmmmmm, hmmmmm. Yeah, it happens to all of us at some point in our lives. We get all dolled up (thinking we’re looking all gangsta and legit), then we roll out to the club or the bar with our homies…only to discover (once someone takes the first group pic) that we’re not looking as fly as we had hoped. Girl, don’t beat yourself up. Just don’t post any of the pics on your Facebook or Instagram and be sure to untag yourself from your friends’ posts. Let’s just forget about last weekend’s disappointing outfit and focus on next weekend’s outfit.

Let’s rethink all the things that went wrong. Should you have gone for a more flirty skater dress instead of that skimpy bodycon (or vice versa)? Maybe a bright pop of color would have been more fun than that monotone LBD (or vice versa)? Perhaps some chunky necklaces and fabulous cocktail rings were what you were missing? Whatever the situation was, we’ve got your back this time because we just so happen to be having two of the most important “going out outfit” sales right now! GoJane is having both a dress sale and a jewelry sale. You’ve got two of the most important pieces of any party ensemble right here.

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These sales end Thursday, June 12, 2014 (11:59pm PST). So get shopping before it’s too late!