Three Reasons To Wear Boots (Even Though It’s Hot Outside)!

One major shoe trend we took away from our latest trip to the desert for Coachella this past weekend was that almost every girl was wearing boots…even though it was hot as hell outside! And ya know what? It did not look ridiculous at all. No one looked like they were suffering from a heat stroke; in fact, they all looked as cool as cucumbers. It seems like no one abides by the old school thought anymore that boots are only appropriate during the colder and rainy seasons. Millennials will actually tell you that boots are even cooler when it’s hot outside. Every boho, rocker, and glam-baby we saw at Coachella was rocking some form of a warm-weather-friendly version of the beloved boot. And if it’s good enough for a desert festival, it’s good enough for everyday posing.

But if you’re questioning your ability to love a boot in the hot months to come, don’t sweat it…literally! We’ve got three helpful tips and pictures of three of our favorite bloggers wearing our favorite warm weather boot trends. Enjoy!

Hole Up A Minute:

The key to moving any boot trend from winter to summer is the same as it is for clothes. Show more skin! These boots will give you the security of a boot but with the sex appeal of a heel. Also, the perforations and cut-outs act as windows for ventilation.

Catarina Marques of

Catarina Marques of

do-slit-down-lace-up-cut-out-boots-10  so-strapping-buckled-cut-out-boots-11293657-blush-1

Hey, Shawty:

No one wants a weird calf tan line during the summer. Imagine the gasps you’ll get when you take off those mid-rise boots and try and slip into a pair of cute sandals for the beach. Ain’t nobody want to be caught rocking a lumberjack tan. Wear boots that are low…like really low. We’re talking ankle biters. The less material you have wrapped around your foot while it’s all hot and humid outside, the less constricted you’ll feel.

Rima Vaidila of

Rima Vaildila of

93797-menthol-1 embellish-me-studded-boots-2 89316-cognac-55

Peep Show:

Everyone knows that the spring/summer seasons are all about pedicures! So what better way to wear boots while still showing off all the nail art? Peep-toe boots, duh! The best hybrid ever!

Micah Gianneli of

Micah Gianneli of

94321-beige-3 90717-beige-4696478-coral-4

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