Coachella Music Recap: Weekend One

After a sun-baked weekend of braving gusty winds and wayyyyy too much dust, we’re back. We made it through the crush of 90,000 people per day to find that we’re exhausted, yet elated with our experience. Festivals are, at the end of the day, all about the music, so let’s get to it with our favorite moments.

Yeah, no big deal, we got to see most of the guest appearances (we can’t teleport, duh), and they didn’t disappoint. Nas ripped it up on stage with guest performances by Jay Z and Diddy, and trust us when we say the crowd went nuts. Pharrell with Gwen Stefani, Snoop, Diddy, Diplo, and Nelly (we can’t even – aaahhhhhhhhh). Plus, we were lucky enough to see Beyoncé make an appearance with her sister Solange at the Gobi Tent ending the set with “Losing You” which pretty much caused the entire crowd to become a giant sing-a-long/dance-a-long.

Friday saw our favorite rockers Haim ruling the Outdoor stage with sassy goodness. The lucky crowd was also treated to an impromptu jam because Haim can freaking shred like bosses. Our favorite weird, kinda wacky gig on Friday would have to be The Knife (super rad Swedish electronic duo; Wiki them). We’re talkin’ teal togas and abstract dance… Yes! The night closed with Outkast. They opened with “Bombs Over Baghdad” which got us all booty shakin’. But hearing “Prototype” live was a huge luxury and nearly brought us to tears. Guys, it’s been years since they’ve been on a stage. Is that eye opening enough to appreciate what happened at Coachella? We would definitely say yes.

By the time we had fully woken up on Saturday, Future Islands was about to start their set, and it was glorious, energetic, and just the tonic we needed for later. Why? We’ll tell you why. A chilly wind and sandstorm had descended upon the festival grounds. Through the dust and haze Lorde sang (enchanting) and spoke to the crowd for a while (we love you, but we’re not your diary). Frank Black of The Pixies still sounds like he’s twenty. Queens of the Stone Age brought a ton of energy to the stage. Needless to say, Saturday night saw us cold, tired, and dusty. Thankfully, Pharrell and Nas let us end the night on a high note.

Suddenly, just like that, Sunday was already happening. Neutral Milk Hotel seemed to be a solid standby that eventually lost their crowd. What with all the rules – no cell phones, no pictures, and the screens that didn’t show the band – should we be surprised? A bit of Little Dragon went a long way to soothe the soul. Later, after a much needed grub break, we waited for Lana. It was the sardine can crush all over again. The set started late, and she floated out with dark hair. Lana Del Ray spoke and communicated with the crowd like she never has before. What old SNL live performance? This was new. She ended her set hugging and greeting her fans while being showered with Coachella-esque gifts (think flower crowns). It was certainly something.

We waited to meet with our friends to see Arcade Fire. Beck was finishing up at the Coachella stage, the faint thump of Disclosure distantly competed, and we sat on a blanket nomming on a delicious ice cream bar. Need we say more about Arcade Fire? We feel we don’t have to, because their pedigree speaks for itself. The festival couldn’t have ended on a better note.

Now, go check out the gallery to relive the weekend! All Instagram users have been credited in the captions.

Photos courtesy of the LA Times and Instagram (all users credited in the captions).