Coachella Fashion Roundup: Weekend One

Rise and shine, Coachella-heads. Now that you’re finally showing signs of life after your eventful weekend in the dusty desert, have a seat (or you know, continue to lie down) and watch as we take you through some of our favorite looks from the first weekend of Coachella 2014. Bold prints, bindis, matchy-matchy sets, statement everythings, and 90s inspired duds galore… We gotta say, we’re pretty darn pleased with what we saw on the lawn. (You really did listen to us, didn’t you?) And since Coachella fashion always seems to set the trend for summer styles to come, we’d pay close attention if we were you, especially if you didn’t get the chance to head towards the sand this time around. For those of you who purchased tickets for weekend number two… No excuses!

Images courtesy of Refinery 29, Harper’s Bazaar, Fuse, LA Weekly, and Elle