5 Types Of Rompers That’ll Save You Time

Do you ever have that dilemma in the morning where you don’t quite know what to wear? You know, the one where you finally settle on a top only to realize that the bottoms to match are in the wash. So you do a little more digging and find out all of your bottoms are MIA. As a result, you’re running around the house (pantless) like a Cali girl at a Wildfox sample sale. Sigh, the sartorial struggle is so real, ladies, which is why we found the perfect go-to piece for those not-so-glamorous mornings of playing Where The Hell Are My (insert lost garment here). It’s a little something called a romper.

By definition, a romper is 1.) A person or a thing that romps. Okay, we’ll take that, but more importantly, it’s 2.) A loose one-piece garment combining a shirt or blouse and short, bloomerlike pants, worn by young children. Woah, before you get all cray-cray on us because you’re a “grown woman,” let’s not forget that it’s also 3.) a similar garment worn by women and girls for sports, leisure activity, etc. Almost got you there, didn’t we? :) In a nutshell, it’s a top attached to a bottom that you can just slip on and go, day or night. Do we really need to say more?

So the next time you’re having a fashion fumble, bust out a trusty romper and continue on with your day. We promise it’ll give you that extra five minutes to grab an iced chai tea latte or finally give you a chance to chat with the hottie next door (you can thank us later).

Are you ready to give this new take on a wardrobe staple a shot? Take some style tips from several hand selected fashionistas (courtesy of Pinterest) and check out our list of…

5 types of rompers that’ll save you time:

Untitled-11. Pixelated 8 Bit Printed Romper, 2. Mixed Feelings Romper, 3. Abstract Brushstrokes Lacy Romper

Be A Print-cess: We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: don’t be afraid of prints! Whether it’s floral, chevron, or abstract, it will work on your romper. Just take it easy with everything else (say it with us: less is more).

Untitled-21. Scalloped Peek-A-Boo Romper, 2. Take The Plunge Romper, 3. Forget Your Ex Romper

In With The Bold: If today is the day that you’re finally going to ask your co-worker out for drinks or your boss for a little more time on that project, go bold. Your goal is to make a statement, so why not have an outfit to match? Hint: add a black blazer and some heels for something a little more work appropriate.

Untitled-31. Rock N Sugar Lace Romper, 2.Embrace The Lace Teddy Romper, 3. Lacy Romance Romper

Ace It In Lace: If you’re still not convinced that rompers are sexy, just add lace. When you see him swoon over those traces of skin underneath, you’ll both be wondering why you didn’t slip one on sooner.

Untitled-41. On The Grid Organza Romper, 2. Sleek Your Mind Plunging Romper, 3. Basic Surplice Romper

#LBR: You’ve heard of a little black dress, but what about a little black romper? For your next #GNO, switch out your go-to #LBD for a just-as-sexy #LBR to change things up a bit.

Untitled-5 1. Drawstring You In Chambray Romper, 2. MVP Hooded French Terry Romper, 3. Keep It Simple Romper

Dress It Down: It’s Lazy Sunday, and you want to pull off that I-woke-up-like-this look, like Beyonce? We’re right there with you. Slip on a basic romper (cotton, terry, denim, etc.) and have at it. The best thing about this kind of romper is that the possibilities are endless.

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