How To: Ugly Shoe Trend

It’s all over the runways and showing up on the blogosphere. That’s right… Pool slides, double buckle slippers, flatforms, mules, and granola girl styled sandals are all making a splash just in time for spring and summer. But how does one wear this trend (other than just slip your feet in, of course)? All of these styles can look great if you pair them with the right looks. And who doesn’t love to sport a bit of comfy footwear instead of a painful stiletto? Beauty doesn’t always have to be pain.

Need more proof? Vogue Paris styled an entire editorial of models parading around in high-priced double buckle slippers with – wait for it – socks. Famous ladies sporting chunky sandals: Chloë Sevigny, Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, and the Olsen twins. Céline, Miu Miu, Alexander Wang, Giambattista Valli… They’re all originators of this resurgence. Can we get a resounding “amen” for Phoebe Philo? Along with the #Normcore renaissance, it’s a time of reverting to simplicity.

But why is ugly in? Comfort is a big factor, right? And comfort is cool right now. Flat shoes are in and this look is original and practical. However, let’s not get too crazy here. It can be ugly, but it still has to be chic. And it’s also about irony and nostalgia. Who wore Adidas pool slides during summer camp? Cue raised hands. Check out the collage for some ideas on how to style this trend.


Key points for pulling off this look:

  • Rock a great pedicure.
  • Don’t do tie-dye or anything that screams “hippie” (we’ll give you a pass, Kate Moss). We want to modernize, not go on a throwback rampage.
  • Half socks in mesh or patterns can update slides.
  • Play with contrast. Chunky shoes suggest that you need to be sleek, tailored, and minimal for balance.
  • Try to opt for an updated color palette.
  • Dress up the look with gleaming accessories and a pop of color on your lips if you’re a lipstick kind of gal. (We’re thinking an orange lippy, yes?)

If you’re ready to be a little subversive with your fashion, take a pick from our selection of sandals for the perfect look.

What do you guys think about this trend? Let us know in the comments.

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