Do’s & Don’ts Of Festival Trends! How To Be Cool But Not Look Crazy…

It’s festival season! Yaaaaaaaaaay! People all over the world are going to be spending these next few months packing in tons of music, booze, and bud(dies)! Since we’re nice people and want to make sure everyone is good to go, we decided to give a brief rundown of some popular festival trends and how to rock them without ruining them. We’ve even included some music festival etiquette that we think EVERYONE could benefit from. So whether you’re going to California for Coachella or to England for Glastonbury, these tips will ensure that your weekend is super rad and not super bad.

DO express yourself with some cool body and face art. Utilize your body as a canvas by covering it with caveman style illustrations or by scribbling your signature saying across it. Everyone will stop to appreciate your sweet skin art. But one thing to keep in mind is that you DON’T want to forget that you will need to answer to your children one day. Sometimes less is more. No one wants to see your entire body painted up to look like a googly-eyed monster. Shop body/face powder @ GoJane!


DON’T wear obnoxious headpieces and over-the-top hats. The average height for a woman is 5’3″ (data for U.S.), so chances are you’re gonna be dealing with some pissed off shawties if your headpiece is blocking them from making eye contact with their fave artist. You don’t want to be responsible for the domino effect that will ensue once a tiny squirt feels scorned. Here’s what’s gonna happen: she’s gonna jump on some dude’s shoulders, then the chick behind her is gonna do the same, and… you get the idea. So for the sake of all the boyfriends with bad backs – please leave the extravagant hats to Pharrell. (Or at least have the decency to take them off during a set.) But if you’re gonna do the quirky hat thing, keep it clever like the watermelon heads below. Shop hats @ GoJane!


DO embrace a group theme. Sure, it sounds a bit cheesy at first, but it’s a great way for your group to stand out from the crowds, not to mention it’s extremely helpful when trying to locate your posse. It’s okay to leave the pretentious “Coachella Fashion Show” to the snoots and have some fun. This kind of an event is an opportunity for you and your besties or beau to show the whole world what makes you so damn special. Be clever, be quirky, and be yourselves! However, DON’T be those people! You want people to wish they were a part of your crew, not wish you’d get stung by a hive of killer bees and go home. Be the envy of all other groups, not the butt bitch of their jokes. Shop new styles for matching items @ GoJane!


DON’T forget to wear lots of deodorant. For the love of God, Buddha, Allah, and everything that is holy…wear deodorant. Lorde may be “kind of over getting told to throw [her] hands up in the air,” but there’s still a lot of people who will be embracing this classic hip-hop adage. If you are one of these flailing arm assassins, please do us all a favor and coat up them pits with something that will mask the smell of death that is festering up in your underarm region. We’re all about natural beauty, but stinky pits are just plain old rude. If you don’t want to carry a stick of deodorant with you all day, at least freshen up those armpits with a quick wipe of a moist towelette. (Those towelettes can be handy for lots of things!) Shop cosmetics for hygiene products @ GoJane!


DO embrace your body (and the heat) by getting ALMOST naked. But DON’T mistake underwear for acceptable festival fashion. We love us some summer-inspired, revealing clothing…but walking around in straight up underwear that’s meant to be worn under your clothing is just grimy and lazy. “But it’s soooooo hot!” the revelers whine. The scorching heat of the Miami sun and the California desert is no excuse to walk around in your skivvies. Instead, get creative and rock the “bedroom” look with the right pieces. There are tons of lingerie-inspired items out there that will give you that nearly naked look without everyone wondering if you used your top to soak up a friend’s puke or if you lost your shorts thanks to a bad booth burrito. But if you’re gonna rock your underwear, at least make sure it’s hella cute and not just your everyday padded bra with the underwire popping out of the sides. Shop intimates for lingerie-inspired styles @ GoJane!

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Note to all Coachella 2014 party people:

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