Happy Birthday, Naya Rivera! (AKA Santana from Glee)

Whether you know her as Santana Lopez from Glee or Gwendolyn from Family Matters (she was Richie’s adorable little girlfriend), one thing can be said about all of her characters…she plays a sassy little thang like nobody’s business. She’s got the voice of a soulful raspy angel, the face of a Puerto Rican/African American/German goddess, and the body of a svelte athlete. As if all that wasn’t enough already, did we mention she will soon be Mrs. Big Sean? Geeeeeze, leave some for the rest of us. Oh yeah, she also recently released a single titled Sorry (I’m Not Sorry) with her hip-hop hottie fiance that we can’t get enough of. She’s got the career, the romance, the health, and the beauty. So what do you give the girl who basically has it all? Your undying love. Happy birthday, Naya. GoJane loves ya!

Photos courtesy of FHM, Women’s Health, Tumblr, Instagram

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94445-brown-13 94436-black-12

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