Think Outside The Boss

Tomorrow, October 16th, is National Boss’s Day, and while we’re all for observing the holiday (we have some literate great bosses here at GoJane who may read the blog deserve some thanks), we’re even more in favor of celebrating those of you who are thinking, talking, and living like a boss.

This is for all you think-for-yourself-ers out there. Who are in control. Who know and handle your shit. You take charge; you’re not given it. Or anything else for that matter. You speak and do with authority, and you can hold your own against all the Anna Wintours, Mr. Burnses, Donald Trumps, and Michael Scotts in the world, because ultimately you answer to yourself.

So maybe get your boss a “World’s Best Boss” mug for tomorrow, but definitely get yourself a little something with your name on it. Go on. Do it. Show ‘em who’s the boss of you.


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