Happy Birthday, Janet Jackson!

More like Happy Birthday, Miss Jackson (’cause we’re nasty)! We love us some J.J. She’s the sole reason we stayed fit in highschool. How so? We spent countless, sweaty hours trying to learn the moves to all of her music videos. One of our all-time faves? “IF” circa 1993. And 20 years later, we’re still working on perfecting those crazy, sexy moves. Yeah, there’s a lot to say about Janet and her “controversial” life, but we’re not going there. We just want to celebrate her awesomeness by watching  some Poetic Justice, eating a bowl of popcorn with Tabasco sauce, and maybe popping out a boobie just for the heck of it. We love you Janet and we hope you have the best birthday ever!

Photos Courtesy of: Virgin Records, Harper’s Bazaar & JanetJackson.com

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Answer us this: what’s your favorite Janet song?

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Janet Jackson!

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