Inspiration Gallery: 90s Style

Have you noticed all the cool, early 90s-inspired stuff on the GoJane site? We’re doing it big in cropped tops, high-waisted acid wash jeans, and of course, lots of plaid. When it comes to figuring out what we’re lusting after, we’ve been taking our cues from pop culture- think Never Been Kissed (starring the lovable Drew Barrymore), old issues of Tiger Beat, and re-runs of TRL. Anyways, check out our ode to all things 90s, including images from the period, as well as a few modern interpretations, and make sure to turn up the Savage Garden while you do it.

Are you digging the return of 90s style?

Photos courtesy of Le Happy, Fated to Be Hated, Song of Style, LoveMore, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Just Jared