Microtrend: Garter Accents

Garters have forever been a staple of intimate apparel. But someone decided it was time for garters to get out of bed and join the rest of the cool kids in becoming one with everyday streetwear. We’ve experienced a recent surge of garter-like accents on unexpected pieces and we’re loving it. We’re talking garter accent leggings, dresses, and jumpsuits. The best way to describe this microtrend? Daring! Something we love about garter-inspired pieces? Versatility! The garter dresses are essentially two pieces, in one. With the simple undoing of a buckle or button, you can wear the top and skirt separately. A microtrend that is not only cool, but also economical? We’ll take it!

 gun print garter leggings (left) garter cut-out jumpsuit (right)

1. spiked acid wash dress 2. leopard garter leggings 3. diamond print garter leggings 4. cut-out buckle dress

Which one of these garter pieces are you feening to get your hands on?