How to: Do a Burgundy Smokey Eye (Like Kristen Stewart)

Okay, so your makeup brushes are squeaky clean, and you’re ready to incorporate this season’s hottest hue into your face routine. The next step? A smokey eye inspired by Kristen Stewart. Check out our tutorial below, and get ready to vamp up your look.

You’ll need: thick, flat eye shadow brush, an angled makeup brush, a blending brushburgundy eye shadowblack eye shadowtaupe eye shadow,   mascara,  and black eye pencil

Optional: primer

Pat primer onto a bare lid

Using your thick, flat eye shadow brush, pat burgundy eye shadow onto the inner two thirds of the lid

Using your thick, flat eye shadow brush, pat black eye shadow onto the outer third of your lid in a v-shape

Using your blending brush, pat taupe eye shadow on the entire crease

Tip: Use a windshield motion to blend evenly

Using your blending brush, blend the burgundy and black together, as well as the taupe, burgundy, and black

Line your waterline with black pencil

Using your flat eye shadow brush, apply taupe to bottom of eye

Use a Q-Tip to clean up any loose eye shadow

Apply two coats of black mascara to your top lashes

Admire yourself and go catch your own Edward Cullen Robert Pattinson

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